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Monday, June 25, 2012

Epic Mario Party!

Well kiddies, I am back! I took a long hiatus from blogging, but here I am and I come baring gifts! 

Today I will share Braeden's Mario Party, the biggest, most involved party I have ever thrown. Since this was Braedens first birthday in school, I decided I would invite his whole kindergarden class ( thats kind of the silent code, ya gotta invite the whole class) plus all my other mommy friends and family. It was a BIG party, but it was sooo worth it. 

Let's start off with the invite that I made. Braeden loved it and I got tons of compliments from the other moms in his class. 

To make this, I used photoshop and I got the Super Mario Clipart, from here , great site, has really high res clipart of ALL the Mario characters. So I just threw this all together and got them printed up at CVS for like $5, super cheap and great quality for a birthday invite!

Before we continue, I have to say, I am not very creative, I am not going to take credit for all the amazing ideas I got from Pinterest, without Pinterest this party would not have happened. 

Next were the party decorations!

 I saw these amazing tutorials for making Mario question mark boxes and knew immediately, I was going to make those and hang them from the trees outside. Then, my husband came up with the amazing idea of making those question mark boxes GOODIE BOXES! 
Such a great idea! 
(Now, that I look at the website where I got the idea from, I see that those were her goodie boxes too, shows how much I pay attention)

So while I was starting to get ready to make this great boxes, I decided that I was going to update them a bit. The original boxes are amazing, but they felt more old school, my 6 year old wouldn't get the whole pixilated look of the question mark and the simple flat look of the brick, I had to update it New Super Mario Brother style! I went back to the Mario Clip Art and got the updated question mark and searched the web for an updated brick picture. I also update the top of the box with new mario font. 

(at the end of the blog, I will provide a link for you to download all the materials) 

       What you need:
  • 4 x 4 plain brown gift boxes ( I found mine at Michael's for 79 cents)
  •  Paper Glue 
  • Paper to print on
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string
  • Q-tips

Now that you have all the materials, 
  • Print up as many pages you need.
  • Cut them out
  • Carefully glue them on the flat boxes, try to only put the glue around the edges of the paper, to prevents any mess, I learned this the hard way.
  • Glue the questions marks on the front and back of the box 
  • Glue the brick on the sides of the box
  • Glue the "game over" on the top.
  • Once all 6 sides have been covered (I even covered the bottoms with a question mark, since they were going to hanging from trees) let them sit and dry, laying flat on a table, not stacked on each other (duh, I also learned this the hard way)
  • Once completely dry, put them together into boxes.

Now time for the ribbon/string for hanging.
( If you have no intention of hanging the boxes you can skip this step)

  • Make a hole in the top of the box (use a sharp knife)
  • Break some Q-tips into pieces
  • Thread the string through the hole and tie it around a tiny Q-tip piece (this prevents it from slipping out or ripping the box while being hung in a tree)
VoilĂ !

Now onto the other decorations! In my backyard we have two lamp posts that have 3 big white ball on them, I knew I HAD to make these into boo's. I found a boo face online and printed it onto paper, cut out his eye and mouth, taped them to the lamp posts. If you don't have lamp posts and want some boo's around, get some white balloons, draw some badass boo faces and have them hanging or just chillin' on the ground. Easy.

Can't have mario without stars! got some super cheap stars from a party store, drew some eyes on them with sharpie, hung them from tree, BAM, awesome.

We also of course, had Mario table cloth, plates and cups, bought from BirthdayExpress


I knew I HAD to have games, I was expecting about 25 little kiddos, they needed something to do, other than play in a bounce house!

Goomba Stomp
(got the idea from here, which also has a lot of cool ideas for other mario games)

  • Get some "burgundy" balloons from a party store (apparently there is no such thing as a brown balloon) 
  • Put  1 or 2 chocolate coins into the balloon
  • Blow it up super big (so it's easy to pop)
  • Draw some awesome Goomba faces on the balloons
  • Throw em out into the yard and let the kids stomp

Throw Yoshi Eggs at Bowser!

Not gunna lie, this game was a pain in the butt to set up, but the kids had a lot of fun. 

  • Get as many eggs as you need, I had a bout 20 kids coming so I bought like 3 dozen eggs
  • Blow them out, yepp, all of them (if you don't know how, click the link)
  • Make sure they are dry
  • Paint little green yoshi spots on them
  • Fill them confetti or glitter
Its really time consuming, but all the kids loved throwing yoshi eggs at bowser.

Now for the bowser, I found a high res picture of Bowser (provided at the bottom of this blog) and I used a poster making program called PosteRazor (downloaded for free) and simply followed the step, printed out bowser on how many ever sheets it was, and taped him together. Perfect.

My eggs didnt break very easily because they were not completely dry before I put the glitter in (I do not recommend glitter, cause it can get so sticky and messy, use confetti) so it kind of glued the eggs together, but it was fun none the less.

Guess how many coins win a star!

Really simple, get a bunch of plastic gold coins, put them in a clear bowl, have paper and pen for the kids to guess, whoever gets the closest, wins a mylar star balloon.

Of course, ya gotta have a Pinata (bought from BirthdayExpress)

and a bounce house (rented from

Onto the Cake!

When I saw a mushroom cake on Pinterest, I knew that's what I had to do! But how was I going to do a mushroom cake? I am not talented in baking, at all. But as I looked at the pictures of the mushroom cakes, I realized....they look like giant cupcakes. My mom just happened to have one of the Giant Cupcake Cake molds! 

To get the mushroom effect, instead of a cupcake one, I turned the base upside down, so the smaller part was at the top. Worked like a charm! Then I made a bunch of Red Mushrooms and Yoshi cupcake! 

That's it! Woo, It was a  lot of work but it was so worth it! The party was so much fun and all the kids had a blast! Please visit all the links that I posted, I got the ideas from them and they also have a bunch of other great ideas! Below you'll find a bunch of stuff to download to make your own Epic Mario Party!

Click on all images to get full size, save to computer

Goodie Boxes:

Boo Face:

Bowser Picture:

Guess for Stars:

Mario Fonts:
Pipe Dream (Mario 64 style)

Monday, June 11, 2012

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