Friday, August 19, 2011

Fancy meeting you here.

I am back. It's been awhile (4 months to be exact) and a lot has happened.

- Jack is potty trained

- Braeden has graduated Preschool (and starts kindergarden on the 7th)

- Logan has started talking

- I've gotten my drivers license 

- I have bangs

- I am 25 now

- aannd I am pregnant

no. just kidding.

actually this is the longest I've gone in SIX YEARS that i've gone without becoming pregnant

#thank god for my IUD

A lot of people have been asking about my blog and why I  haven't updated it, I don't really have an answer, I just kinda got lost for a bit. Didn't really have the urge to blog or do anything really. Maybe I was just stuck in a rut. But, I am back and feeling pretty good.

My father took Braeden and Jackie upstate to his house last sunday and I just have Logan here, which has been a very nice break for me and a chance for me to "refresh" myself.

While they've been gone, I've cleaned out their room, completely, got rid of 3 huge bags of toys and 3 huge bags of garbage, organized and rearranged it.

I've also cleaned up our backyard of all old toys and was able to clean up my room too.

Feels sooo good to have things REALLY clean and organized. I can't wait for the boys to see their room, it's been a disaster for awhile now, I think they are going to be very shocked to see it so clean.

the best part? They really can't mess it up too much because I got rid of SO MUCH and there is a place for everything now.

Logan has been a little angel and doesn't seem to miss his brothers too much, he very much enjoys having things all to himself!

The boys are having a blast, fishing, camping, going to carnivals, but I miss them sooo much.

They come home tomorrow, can't wait.

I got my Drivers License, and I have driven a couple times

by myself

with the kids

and I lived ... as did they.

Unfortunately I don't have a car right now, long story.

But it is what it is and I HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE, that's all that matters! WEEE!

Braeden is started KINDERGARDEN on the 7th!

AHHH. Freaks me out! I can't believe it. 930-330 everyday, Seems so loong!

But he's so excited & I think he'll do so great.

I do have some other big news but I am not ready to share it, soon, just not yet. It's not ready quite yet. But good things ahead, hopefully.

I've had people asking me to do another Vlog , but  I am not sure about it. If people really want me to, I will, but I think I might be better off writing.

Well, I am going to TRY and keep up with my blog now, with recipes and everything.

I also have a tumblr (just started it, not really sure about it yet) but Here it is.

Till next time



My heart literally jumped when I read that you're pregnant! Haha! : )
-Ashley Schneider

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