Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake up call!

Wow. Okay. So, I recently hosted a party for my sister...and she just recently posted pictures from it, and there is one picture that gave me a huge wake up call.

Wow. I had no idea I looked that big. That's crazy. It really was a wake up call that I NEED to lose weight before it gets worse! I have set a goal ... since me and brendan are going away from my 25th birthday ... I want to feel good about myself and how I look ... soo I am starting a diet plan and working out everyday! I have also started an account with, which is a great website and I totally recommend it. I am really serious this time ... I really was not aware of how bad I looked. This has to change. I will admit the past week or so have been EXTREMELY stressful and I've kinda been like "oh f*ck it" kinda eating, which is not helping. I think you know its pretty bad when you don't even want to put jeans on anymore because they make you look 5 months pregnant...

I am still measuring the same so I am not going to take pics this week, but I will next week. I don't have a scale either but I am sure I am not under 150 .. could def be over though :/ I'll def invest in a scale soon

Well here I go, naptime is in a half, shower, laundry all before the kids wake up! Iam ready to for into jeans again :)


Hey I have myfitnesspal too. What's your user name and we can share the journey :)

I totally get this and I'm on the same page, for me I've always battled with weight but now being a mom and not being able to do my own thing most days I find eating to be my biggest comfort, which in itself is a huge issue! But I applaud you for putting it out there, I think a lot of us, moms or not, can relate, good luck lady!!! Maybe some walking playdates soon when the weather is a bit warmer?

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