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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Been Awhile

Things have been a little crazy around here so I haven't really had to time, or urge to blog lately. I also haven't been working out. Boo. I worked out for about 7 days....and haven't since.

As I said in my last blog entry, Braeden has been going through some evaluations to see if he needs an IEP for some behavioral problems. They are finally all over, but not without tons of drama, of course. Little background information, we used to live in Huntington, so Braeden went to a Huntington Preschool. . . Well we moved to Commack ... and did not change his school or tell the district because it's a really great school for Braeden and we do not want him to leave it. Well, we needed to do some in home evaluations, so I had to give them our address, and of course one of the evaluators freaked out and started ranting about how I HAD to tell the district and bla bla bla. So I did, and I had to go immediately register him in Commack or the evaluations would be cancelled. Well now that he's registered in Commack, Huntington [of course] will not pay for him [he's in free preschool - paid for by the district] after February. Now if he gets an IEP he can still go to his preschool, no matter where he lives, since the majority of the school is for special needs children. BUT the district will not meet to discuss if he gets an IEP till the END of March and then even if he gets an IEP, the services do not start till APRIL. So we're kind of up in the air about what we're going to do for his school. The Commack's UPK is all filled up too . . . so the only real options are to pay for him to go to school [which is NOT cheap] or keep him home till the services start and basically do homeschooling. Both not good options. Braedens school has helped his behaviors SO much, he's literally like a different kid and I fear that if he is not in school [which he also LOVES to go to] that he will seriously regress. Drama Drama Drama. If only districts would think in what is best for the child and not what is "by the book". Hopefully it all works out and he can continue to go to school. I am really hoping he gets an IEP, I think it will help him so much, if the little things that the teacher has done helped him out so much, I can only imagine what getting actual services will do for him!

I've also been pretty consumed in school. Algebra is not my friend. Literally takes me two hours to do any of algebra work. I am just not good with numbers at all. The web design class is very cool though, right now it's just about html terms and stuff like that, but I think it's going to be a really good class for me.

Anyhow, that's why I have not been blogging, but things are starting to calm down and I am getting used to being in school again and hopefully I will be working out again. Honestly, just for working out for 7  days I did see a difference in my body. I just really need to commit to it. I've also decided to do this 30 day challenge blogger thingy, which will hopefully keep me blogging daily. So tomorrow I will be starting Day 1 :)

OOOh I also went back to blonde ... by myself! lol I used Clairol Born Blonde Maxi, it came okay, at first it was VERY orange in certain places, but it has seemed to cool down a bit, and it kind of a strawberry blonde now. I still have to buy another hair dye to put over it to tone it better, but I am giving my hair at least a week. Surprisingly, my hair is really shiny and soft too! I wouldn't recommend it though, I would much rather go to a salon and KNOW it's going to come out perfect. I did it because I knew that we wouldn't have the money for me to go to a salon anytime soon so I just did it, I figured if it looks horrible I could just dye it brown. Being as the Day 1 Challenge is a picture of yourself and 15 facts, I will take a picture of my new blonde hair tomorrow.

Well, since I finished my algebra this morning, I am going to go enjoy my OTH and Teen Mom 2! Till next time! :)

P.S. Who likes the new layout?? I needed something a little springy after all this horrible winter weather!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Alright, not going to lie.

I only worked out like twice since my last post. Booo.

But I did cut down on eating junk and drinking soda ... until yesterday. Boo again.

But now it's time.

I need to get back into shape, I need to get serious about it.

A good friend of mine and my husband, Billy Rom, (who is a personal trainer) sent me this great advice article that he wrote and I just have to share it because it's great advice for any mommy trying to lose weight.

Tips for Mommy Dieters

1) Nutrition is the most important aspect of ANY diet! It doesn’t have to be hard though, cut the snacks and mindless eating with the kids. Sometimes people eat without even knowing it – they go on auto pilot. So here is a tip: Take a picture of everything you eat. For bigger meals include your hand in the picture to get a portion reference. Doing this, forces you to think about what you are eating; and see if the portion is responsible.

2) You have to make time for exercise. Too many people just think – oh I will exercise, but never have a definite when. Make your exercise something that isn’t negotiable, it is planned. How can you do this when the kids are there? Involve them! Plan a “play time” with mommy that involves movement and fun with the kids. Here is another tip: Use your kids as weights! A small child may way 15 lbs, in playing with a child, lift them, pick them up, sit down and stand up with them. You don’t need a gym to get stronger – the tools are all around you (and in this case grew inside you!).

3) Make smaller goals. You may have a target weight, waist measurement, and diet you plan to follow, but looking at the final picture often seems insurmountable. Take your final goals and then work back and think of the small steps that are needed to take these big steps. This will make them little successes that promote good feelings. Start with cutting things out of your diet one at a time. Don’t drink soda for 3 days – check off a goal. Eat vegetables everyday for a week – check off a goal. These small goals will add up to a big change when they are all checked off.

4) Reward yourself but not with food! Too many people get on a diet and decide “Hey – I am going to do great for a week so that I can have that Chocolate Cake on Friday.” Now; food is becoming a reward system, and it no longer is seen for what it is, the stuff that keeps you alive! Instead of rewarding you with edible gifts – reward yourself with new things. Lose 5 lbs – get a new shirt, Lose 10 lbs – get a new pair of jeans. These goals give you rewards that you can see and use every day. Mentally – rewards that are more readily seen promote more consistent effort – unlike that cake that was gone in 2 minutes.

5) Take pictures and measure – disregard the scale. Due to water retention and menstrual cycles, women have various times where their weight can fluctuate significantly. This can cause you to fall off a diet when you weigh yourself. Additionally, when exercising you may gain muscle (which actually helps you burn more fat!) and see no weight reduction. Meanwhile you may have lost equal amounts of fat and caused a big visual difference. This progress will show up in your measurements first, your pictures second, and your scale last. Use them in that order.

These are a few tiny steps to help you get on your way to your goals. With anything in life effort is needed – nothing comes easy, but it can be simple. Hopefully you can follow these simple steps and get big results.

Bill Rom

So I think the way to really get me to work out is to show how I look now so I can follow up with pictures and show everyone that I can get back into shape. Also to share my weight [ugh]. Okay ::deep breath:: .... this is what I look like now . . .

ugh, not cute....I look 5 months pregnant. So there it is. Now I have to show everyone that I do not have to look like this, that I can be better. I can be healthy and happy with the way I look. 

I will follow up next week, after a full five days of working out. I will work out everyday. I will. I must. This is far too embarrassing.

In other news I have a bunch of recipes and other things to share but I have to get ready to bring brae to school [he's star of the week this week!] so I will post again tomorrow or later today!! Till then :)