Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well Hello, 2011

My goodness, it has been a long time huh? Sorry about the long hiatus, things got very busy with having Christmas at my house!

First off, Happy New Year!! 2010 was a bitter sweet year for us, We had to leave our home in NC, but had a beautiful baby boy soon after, then we struggled for a bit and now we're in our own beautiful home and it's 2011 and I feel that it is going to be a good year!

As you can see, I've changed the layout, it's January which means it is Logan's birth month so the blog layout will be dedicated to him. When it's May and June the blog layout will be dedicated to Braeden and Jackie! I forgot how fun it was to design a website, I was a bit rusty on it but once I got all the right codes it was a snap to put it all together.

I guess we'll start with Christmas. Christmas was a very big event, my house and myself are still recovering from it! I guess I underestimated how crazy hosting Christmas can be! I am very thankful for my sister and her boyfriend for coming early and taking me around to get everything done, Christmas would not have happened without their help! Me and my sister got all my Christmas shopping done the day before Christmas Eve. . .while her boyfriend watched all three kids, which was amazing of him to do! We tried to head out during nap time, but my smart ass kids knew that mommy wasn't home so nap time was not mandatory. Sneaky kids, poor Will. But, I had to say that Will handled all three kids very well, even though every-time he called we could tell the kids were climbing all over him. Since we knew that there was a huge likelihood of Will ending up tied up and roasted by the kids, we tried our best to get our shopping done fast. We first hit up CVS to get some cheap little toys for the boys ... turns out CVS toys are more expensive than you would think! I got them a whole bunch of art supplies [crayons, markers, paints, paint brushes, drawing pads], an awesome roaring, moving dinosaur [that the kids love] and some other stuff. We then headed over to Kmart, where we got the rest of the kids gifts along with all my secret Santa gifts, thank god for Kmart because they have EVERYTHING. We then headed over to a Toys R Us Express [which is scary place] to get Brae's "Santa" gift, a Cho-Cho-Train [apparently it is not easy to find a non-Thomas-The-Train train set] We ended up finding a really cute one and then headed over to Payless Shoes to get Jackie's Spiderman Shoes; which he asked Santa for since Braeden got Spiderman shoes. Love how he already wants to be like his brother. We then headed over to Family Dollar to get stocking stuffers, then picked up pizza and headed home. I think we did it pretty fast and it was very nice to shop without three little ones in tow, I could not imagine doing all that shopping with them, pretty sure we would have stopped after CVS. My mother came over later that night and we wrapped all the presents and planned out the menu and grocery shopping for the next day.

On Christmas Eve we spent the day with my mother-in-law, we went out to brunch and then went back to her house where she spoiled the kids with amazing gifts! She always goes all out for Christmas and it's always Disney stuff, which I love [and they love]!  She even got Brendan and I a bunch of stuff for the home, including new pots and pans and a beautiful clock! While we were having Christmas with my mother-in-law, my family was back at my house getting it all ready, and doing all the grocery shopping, which I am so grateful for and I feel so bad that I was not there to help them out. They did an amazing job making my house all Christmas-y, my sister brought over all her Christmas decorations and my Grandma brought over a bunch of painting and miscellaneous stuff to make our house feel a little more welcoming, since our walls are still pretty bare. My mother also brought over all her Christmas plates and serving dishes. Once we got home I put the kids immediately into a bath and set up our traditional Christmas PJ's and ornaments on their beds. Braeden got a Charlie Brown ornament [he love Charlie Brown Christmas], Jackie got a Scooby-Doo ornament and Logan got a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament with a picture of him in it. Super cute.

Once they hung their ornaments and set out Santa's cookies and milk I put them into bed, they were so excited for Santa coming, it was adorable. I am surprised that Jackie [who is 2 1/2] fully understands Santa and Christmas, but I guess that's because he has an older brother. I then dyed my hair brown [I had to get rid of the horrible faded red color] while wrapping the rest of the gifts, set them all up under the tree and then we all headed to bed.

Christmas morning was great, the kids woke up at about 7am and were very excited to see their presents... actually I think Braeden was more excited to see if Santa ate his cookies then seeing the presents! I think they had a very nice Christmas, got new Buzz and Woody dolls from my father along with some tinker toys that they absolutely love to pay with!

Braeden loved his train and Jackie was so excited about his shoes, but I think Jackie's favorite gift was a huge plush Bolt doll, he is still carrying it around everywhere. We also bought the boys a Kinect for the Xbox, along with Kinectimals, Sonic and the Adventure game that came with it. It was Logans 1st Christmas and I think Logan enjoyed it, even though he had no idea what was going on. He loved the little toys and glowing bear that we bought him. I think next year's Christmas morning is going to really fun, all the kids will be fully aware of Christmas, it should be very exciting.

Once Christmas morning was over, it was time to get started, everyone was due to come over at three, so we had to make sure everything was done, on time. I honestly can not remember how it all came together, all I know is that it got stressful for a bit, the ham got into the oven when it was supposed to, the potatoes cooked when they were supposed, Will made a delicious dessert and Erin and I set up the living room with all the hor devours beautifully.

It was not easy keeping the kids from eating all of them before the company came though, especially Logan, he was ready to eat, and no one was stopping him! Once everything was cooking and on track, I got myself and the kids dressed, thankfully, Anne gave the kids adorable dress shirts that were perfect for Christmas.

Once everyone started to arrive, things calmed down a bit and all we really had to worry about was serving drink and make sure the ham was warm enough. Everyone loved the house and kept saying how wonderful and beautiful it was. I was extremely proud to show it off, I just feel that Brendan and I have finally done something right, we finally got our own place and it's gorgeous. I am very proud of this house. Which I am sure I've already said in previous posts. Thank goodness for our outside deck . . . we just kept putting all the drinks out there to keep them cold and we also put all the dirty dishes outside on the bench around the deck, very useful when trying to keep the kitchen from looking like a train wreck! Everyone sat down to a lovely dinner, the kids sat a their small table and ate wonderfully. After dinner it was time to open gifts, the kids got some great clothes and toys and we got a beautiful framed family portrait from my Aunt.

Brendan gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet and a pin with the children's birthstones on it, so beautiful and sweet of him. We usually do not exchange gifts for Christmas, or at least we haven't since the kids have been born, so it was very sweet of him to get me such beautiful jewelry. I'll just have to get him something extra special for his birthday :)

After gifts was dessert and then everyone just hung out and talked, all in all, after all the stress, I think it turned out pretty nice. That is until I saw how many dirty dishes there were! We knew it was supposed to snow pretty good the next day so we had to bring in all the dishes from the porch and holy crap I've never seen so many dirty dishes before .... and for some reason I volunteered to wash them all! Well, actually I would much rather wash dishes then cut up the rest of that ham, yuck. Erin put on her Ke$ha playlist [let me just say that I hate Ke$ha, she's freakin nasty but her songs are pretty damn catchy] and I washed all my mothers and grandmothers dishes and silverware, Erin and Will cleaned up the house and Brendan put away food and cut up the ham. Took us about three hours, but we got everything all cleaned up from Christmas before we went to bed! Which was awesome, I strongly dislike waking up to a huge mess in the kitchen.

The next day, we got that snow storm and we all got snowed in together, Brendan, Erin, Will, My mom, Three kids, and Myself, Wowza. It was a pretty serious storm too, the wind was blowing like crazy and it came down so fast! Braeden loves the snow and kept asking to go out in it but it was far too cold and too crazy to go out in, so we had to wait till the next day. We just hung out, played the Kinect with the kids, the kids played with all their new toys, I cleaned a bit, nothing too exciting.

By the way, if you have an Xbox 360, I highly recommend that Kinect, it is amazing. The Kinectimals game is so freaking cute and the kids love it. They are the owner of the animal and they make it perform tricks by doing things with their body and it's really an adorable game. Highly recommended for children...and adults. Those damn animals are so cute! The adventure game it comes with is pretty kick ass too, adults and kids can play it...together. Awesome. The dance game is also pretty awesome, I have not played it and probably wont [because I have no rhythm] but Brendan and Billy played it for like three hours the other night [freaks] and it's a great game. Sonic is actually a bit hard, but once you get used it, it's pretty fun.

The next day, Braeden got his wish and we went outside to play in the snow. I love playing in the snow with the kids, but I hate, no loath getting them ready for the snow. It takes probably about an hour, hour and a half to get all three of them all bundled up, shirt, pants, socks, snow pants, snow boots, snow jacket, gloves, scarf and hat. By the end I am so frustrated I don't even want to take them outside! But their so worked up it's great to just throw them in the snow and have them burn off that energy. It was Logans first time in the snow and he really did not mind it at all, he kinda just sat there, looking around. Braeden is like a puppy and runs around the whole yard, doesn't mind snow at all.

Jack on the other hand . . . he likes snow but he has to be in the mood for it. That day, he was NOT in the mood, he would just sit in the snow, and cry, I would get him to start playing a bit, but then he'd like fall over and it was just done. Jack and Logan went in after like 15 minutes [after all that work!] but Brendan, Brae and myself stayed out for a bit longer and had a bunch of fun.

Now that Christmas is over, I realized that I had to start getting Logan's birthday party planned and get the invitations out. I took his One Year Cupcake Smash Pictures right before Christmas [thank god because I would have never gotten them done]. I am so proud of how they came out, I am not a photographer and I would never claim to be, but I think these pictures came out really beautiful and almost as good as a professional. He was so good when I took them too. I just sat him on the table, gave him the cupcake and just shot away, took like 20 minutes. I don't think it has ever been that easy to do a "photoshoot" with any of my kids. Anyhow, I made his invitations last week and sent them out on Sunday, I think they came out super cute. I got them printed up through shutterfly and picked them up at Target, they look amazing!

I am also almost done with Logan's One Year Video Montage, which I am also super proud of. I think it's come out so nice, I love all the music from it and I just feel it really captures Logan. It's about 27 minutes long I believe, which is kinda long, but hey, I think the guests at the party will enjoy it while they eat cake. I think I forget how much I enjoy designing things and being creative on the computer. I think I am pretty good at it and it's fun for me. Everyone tells me I should make money from it, but I have no idea how to go about that. I could make invitations and 1 year montages for money . . . I don't know anyone who would want those services though. Hmm. We'll see I guess.

New years kind of snuck up on us, I think just because the house was still upside down from Christmas and we were all so tired and busy that we kind of forgot about it? We didn't do much, just got Chinese, played Kinect with the kids, and then watched the ball drop. The kids were so excited about the ball dropping, and then we got an impromptu firework show right outside our living room window! The kids went nuts! We also called everyone and as soon as they picked up, I made the boys say "Happy New Year" in their adorable little voices. It was nice, simple, but nice. Since it's the new year I decided to start the 365 project [4 days late shhh]. So you can follow that Here. Should be interesting. I wonder if I can remember to keep up with it?

Braeden just went back to school on Monday, that was a long break. It's hard adjusting to having all three kids, all day long, when Braeden has been in school everyday for so long. I kept them busy with all the arts and crafts we bought, playdoh, crayons, markers, paint, they love it and we have the space to do it now. We also watched a lot of TV, yea I said it, I let my kids watch a lot of TV. Call CPS, I am melting my children's brains! It keeps them quiet and for the most part, from fighting. I think we are both glad he's back in school, I think he was getting cabin fever being home all day. Even if we did go in the snow a bunch.

Alright, this is the longest blog ever. Kudos to you if you're actually still reading this. I promise to update this more often, with shorter entries! I am going to leave you with a yummy recipe that I made last night that even Braeden ate! [Braeden is a super picky eater . . . I also told him it was chicken] Leave some love, let me know what you think of the new layout! :)

Till next time :)



Love the new layout and the new pics! So cute. You have photoshop right? is it worth the $$$?

Thank you :) It's totally worth the $$ ... But I've never paid for it haha just sayin.

lol then how did you get it? Is there a way to buy one and split it with someone?

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