Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan Joseph

Today at 4:22pm my baby boy will be one year old. In honor of his birthday I will share his birth story . . . it's nothing too graphic, so don't worry lol His birth was actual the easiest of all three of my kids. I woke up on the 17th with really bad cramps and pains and I thought they might be contractions but I wasn't totally sure. After about two hours of not being able to even stand up without being in pain, I knew it was time to go to the hospital. I told me my mom and we got ready to go. We got to the hospital around 10:30am and admitted immediately, the floor was completely empty, there were no mothers giving birth that day. They confirmed that I was having contractions and that I was 4cm. They proceeded to give me an enema, which was the worst thing of my entire life .. and they said it was "standard procedure" yet I had never had it done with my other two kids. There is no pain like having contractions and completely emptying your body at the same time, horrible. 

Once that was over with I believe I got an epidural because the pain was getting pretty bad. It was an awful epidural though because I still felt every contraction . .  but couldn't feel my legs. As i suffered through contraction after contraction Brendan was busy watching FOOTBALL. Yes. Wanted to kill him. The rest of the labor went pretty smoothly, really not much to write about, I kept feeling my contractions really badly and asked them to up my epidural but it never really made a difference. 

By 4:00 I 10cm and ready to push, (I turned off the football) and within 22 minutes he was out and a beautiful 8lb 10oz baby was born at 4:22pm. I remember shaking uncontrollably after having him for about a good hour or so and I think they gave me one last dose of the epidural or something because  I remember my legs  and butt being completely numb when I went up in my room. I was in no pain though,  it was a very simple and easy birth, the way it's supposed to be. 

Logan is the same way he was born, simple, easy and wonderful. He is the sweetest little boy I have ever known, don't get me wrong I love Braeden and Jackie and they are little sweethearts but there's something about Logan. He's an old soul or something, he's just so sweet and lovely, I can't get enough of him. He is the perfect edition to our family. I love my baby boy and so happy he's here and a big one year old, we are completely blessed. 

As most of you know we had his birthday party yesterday and it went so well. It was so nice to have a birthday party at home for the first time, not having to rent a place or anything, it was so relaxing and easy, I loved it. We blew up 100 ballons and put them on the floor for the kids to play with and they loved it. We all ate baked ziti [made by my mother in law] and ceasar salad along with some pizza for the kids [from Mozzarellas], everyone sat around and chatted and hung out, it was a really nice environment, very chill and fun. 

We then went onto the HUGE cake, we sung happy birthday to the little man . . . he was looking around like " .. going on??" lol We then cut him a huge piece to devour ... yet he just took little bites out of it and poked it lol We then moved onto the montage, which was so nice to watch on an actual TV instead of a projection screen where you can't really see it or here it. Everyone seemed to love it and I was so super proud of it. After that we all kind of just chilled and enjoyed Logan and watching the other kids play and we opened presents. 

It was a really nice time and I am so glad he had such a nice birthday party. I am so blessed that I have so many people in my life that love my children so much. 

Today we're not doing much, I am having my grandmother and mother over for dinner and some [more] cake, since we have SO much left over. I am making a huge pot of chicken and dumplings in the crockpot, I figure that will be soft enough for Logan to enjoy. I am hoping that Brendan can come home at a decent hour so he can spend some time with the birthday boy too. 
Alright well enough chit chat, time for pictures and the online premiere of A Year in The Life of Logan :)

The dining room and decorated

Baby Mickey Mouse Decor <3

One year of three brothers collage
12 Months of Logan Collage

Logan's one year pictures collage [my favorite decoration]

All the balloons for the kiddies
Logan's 1st year balloon [that he loved]

The birthday boy!!

Confused as to why all these bouncing things are around
Figured out that they are fun to play with

My little man

 Enjoying some yummy food

He thought this was hilarious to do lol

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out the candles

Going in!

Num Num Num

Must be good!

Making a mess, what he does best ;)


Balloon was bigger than him!



I LOVE how you made photo collages on the walls! Video gave me chills!

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