Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogging is better than cleaning.

I really should be cleaning my house since Logans party is on Sunday ... but I would much rather blog and eat pizza. I have however done three loads of laundry . . . that should count for something right? Been a while since I've blogged but, I've been consumed with finishing up Logans one year montage and I finally finished it up last night. I changed the entire opening last night too haha typical. I really love it though, I watched it on the "big screen" this morning and it looks fabulous. So excited to premiere at his party then post it on here for all my mommy friends who couldn't be at the party. I think his party will be lovely, not too many people coming, keeping it small. My mother in law is making a tray of baked ziti and I'll make a salad. There of course will be a huge cake too, and I figure I'll show the montage once cake is served. That way people wont notice that it's 30 minutes long!

I've also been cleaning massive amounts of snot out of my children's noses [and mouths] blegh. These are things they don't tell you when you have your kids, you will wipe their snot with your own hand or sleeve to prevent it from going into their mouths ... forget running to get a napkin or tissue because yes, they will just let that gooey loveliness slowly stream into their mouths and never even think anything of it. Disgusting. Logan and Jackie have been sick for the past week, coughing, sneezing, stuffy, cranky, not sleeping well. Thankfully, they are feeling better now and back to their wonderful selves. Just in time for the party too. Phew. 

I did however get a break from being mommy for a couple hours last Sunday! It was glorious, felt like I was in Disney World. I left the kids with Brendan to go to the Deer Park Outlets with my girls, we ate at Millers Ale House, then braved the FREEZING cold to go a store or two and then headed over to the movie theater to see Black Swan. I was told that it was a trippy movie, but I did not expect what happened in the movie, I really enjoyed it and I totally love Natalie Portman. It is so nice to get those breaks from being mommy, as I am sure all you mommies reading this know. I don't think people that don't have kids . . and even dads . . I don't think they understand how being a mommy is 24/7 job, there is no end, no break, you are always in mom mode. So, once you get to go out, and get out of your mom area, it is so refreshing and relaxing. I think it also may be a bit worse for me since I do not drive. But, it was a really nice time out with my girls and I hope that I can do more "girls nights" outside of my house!

We got hit with MORE snow on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning . . . and when I mean more snow, I mean a shit load more snow!

My god, I have never seen this much snow in a looooong time! It is literally up to Brendans knees . . Brendan is 6'1". Yea, crazy amounts of snow. I have yet to let the kids go out and play in it, I feel it would only end in disaster . . . I am sure Braeden would love it but it's just far too much snow for me to deal with. 

I've started to work out . . . well I am trying to. I did Yoga on monday and I have a whole work-out schedule set up, but the week before your sons 1st birthday is not the week to start working out, it's just been too busy trying to clean everything and get everything ready for the party. Once I reach my goal I will post my progression pictures, and only when I've reached my goal. I am so embarrassed at how I look now. I was looking at old pictures, from before my babies and I was so super skinny that I can not even believe how I look now. Horrible. I really want to get back to my "old" body and I  know I can do it because I am not THAT far away from it, I just have to dedicate myself to it. I should probably start to eat better . . I usually don't eat breakfast and if I have anything in the morning it's coffee and there are some days where I wont eat till dinner, and it's not on purpose, it just happens. Time for a change, my friends. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. 

Now time for some [probably unhealthy] recipes! Enjoy :)

This is a recipe I kind of just made up in my head. It tasted okay, there was something missing, it did not taste perfect but it was still pretty yummy. Whenever I get a chance to cook it again and improve it, I will post it again. Also, feel free to try it out and improve it and let me know if you figured out what's missing!

Till next time :)



Reading blogs is better than cleaning also. Which is what Im suppose to be doing!! Cant wait to see the 2 year slideshow!! Good for you to be able to get out of the house and I cant wait to try those puffs!!

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