Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Bye Bye Bye

Today was the day our house said goodbye to Christmas and honestly I was so relieved! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, the tree, the decorations, but after awhile ... after all those damn pine needles fall all over the place, it all looses it's shine. I started doing before Braeden went to school and the kids kept saying "Mommy, why are you doing that! It's Christmas!", so I decided to opt out of being called The Grinch and decided to do it when Brae was at school and Jackie was taking a nap.

Good plan.

I put on some trashy afternoon TV and happily took down every ornament, wrapped them in paper toweling and put them ever so gently into The Christmas Box. Once that was all done, I unscrewed the poor tree and dragged it out the door, to the curb. It was a lot lighter than I expected. I was all done and just cleaning up the mess from dragging the tree across the house and out the door when Jackie woke up. He didn't even notice that huge thing standing in the corner of the living was gone.

Even though I am very pleased that the droopy tree and fake garland is all packed away, I have to admit that my house is pretty bare now. We really have to get on painting and decorating, make it feel a bit more like home in here. What colors though? Hmm.

Tonight was a pretty peaceful night, the kids played with their tinker toys [Logan too] and I worked on finishing up Logan's 1 year montage. I made hot dogs and "crabby patties" for dinner and the kids ate every bit of it. Then bathtime and now they're in bed ... talking to each other. Hey, as long as their not getting out of bed and causing trouble, they can talk till they fall asleep, doesn't bother me!

Well, I figured I would do as promised and update more frequently. Now it's time for a shower then playing cards and watching a movie with the hubs. Good night if you ask me. Till next time :)



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