Thursday, January 6, 2011

"And in my day we used joysticks!"

I noticed a lot of people, mostly mothers posted Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know  today on Facebook ... I actually just had this conversation with Brendan when we got the Kinect, our children will never NOT know this technology. We'll tell them that we used joysticks and big bulky controllers and they'll laugh and call us dinosaurs. I am sure they will even phase out the controller in the next 10 years and every game will be played through technology like Kinect. My two year old knows how to use a touch screen phone [as seen above] and he'll never know any different, Braeden can sit down on the computer and zip around and find exactly what he wants, no problem. It's amazing to think about what the future of technology holds us, our children, and our grandchildren.

I am glad that they have come up with interactive technology like Kinect though, it really is a work out to play the games .. or at least the ones that I've played so far. All of them require you to move, jump, dance around in order to win the game, great way to get kids exercising. You can say all you want that your kids "won't be like that" but with all this technology around, there is no way that your child will not, one day be sucked into it and want to stay in their room instead of going out to play. Of course it's still important to get them away from the technology and get them outside playing, but ultimately if they're going to be doing it, they might as well be getting some form of a workout. Perhaps the obese epidemic will decline at least a bit? Who knows.

Well, now that I've gotten that out of my head. Today, my horoscope inspired me. Yes. "Responsibilities become problems. Get your house in order. Squatters have to go now." Those squatters were my dishes. They've been squatting in my sink for two days and it what time for them to go! As soon as I read that I knew what had to be done. I cleaned the entire kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. Not going to lie, felt good. I've been slacking a bit on my house work ... I don't know why ... I think having things kind of thrown out of order by having Christmas here just really threw me for a loop. I feel now that things are back in order and I can get back to my daily cleaning routine. Maybe it's just me but I really get upset when my house is not clean and then I am like, well I am not happy, so I am not cleaning now ... and it's a cycle. Bad.  So thank you Facebook Horoscope. You inspired me to get my shit together.

I shall go eat my third brownie now. . . Don't judge me. I did Yoga today . . . so it doesn't count. Right? Damn. Till next time :)



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I am the same way with my house. If it's cluttered and not clean, I'm usually moody about it. I wanted to clean the room the treadmill was in so I could start using it.. low & behold I ripped apart the entire room cleaning it from top to bottom but haven't yet set foot on the treadmill. At least I got exercise from cleaning though, right!?

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