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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fancy meeting you here.

I am back. It's been awhile (4 months to be exact) and a lot has happened.

- Jack is potty trained

- Braeden has graduated Preschool (and starts kindergarden on the 7th)

- Logan has started talking

- I've gotten my drivers license 

- I have bangs

- I am 25 now

- aannd I am pregnant

no. just kidding.

actually this is the longest I've gone in SIX YEARS that i've gone without becoming pregnant

#thank god for my IUD

A lot of people have been asking about my blog and why I  haven't updated it, I don't really have an answer, I just kinda got lost for a bit. Didn't really have the urge to blog or do anything really. Maybe I was just stuck in a rut. But, I am back and feeling pretty good.

My father took Braeden and Jackie upstate to his house last sunday and I just have Logan here, which has been a very nice break for me and a chance for me to "refresh" myself.

While they've been gone, I've cleaned out their room, completely, got rid of 3 huge bags of toys and 3 huge bags of garbage, organized and rearranged it.

I've also cleaned up our backyard of all old toys and was able to clean up my room too.

Feels sooo good to have things REALLY clean and organized. I can't wait for the boys to see their room, it's been a disaster for awhile now, I think they are going to be very shocked to see it so clean.

the best part? They really can't mess it up too much because I got rid of SO MUCH and there is a place for everything now.

Logan has been a little angel and doesn't seem to miss his brothers too much, he very much enjoys having things all to himself!

The boys are having a blast, fishing, camping, going to carnivals, but I miss them sooo much.

They come home tomorrow, can't wait.

I got my Drivers License, and I have driven a couple times

by myself

with the kids

and I lived ... as did they.

Unfortunately I don't have a car right now, long story.

But it is what it is and I HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE, that's all that matters! WEEE!

Braeden is started KINDERGARDEN on the 7th!

AHHH. Freaks me out! I can't believe it. 930-330 everyday, Seems so loong!

But he's so excited & I think he'll do so great.

I do have some other big news but I am not ready to share it, soon, just not yet. It's not ready quite yet. But good things ahead, hopefully.

I've had people asking me to do another Vlog , but  I am not sure about it. If people really want me to, I will, but I think I might be better off writing.

Well, I am going to TRY and keep up with my blog now, with recipes and everything.

I also have a tumblr (just started it, not really sure about it yet) but Here it is.

Till next time

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake up call!

Wow. Okay. So, I recently hosted a party for my sister...and she just recently posted pictures from it, and there is one picture that gave me a huge wake up call.

Wow. I had no idea I looked that big. That's crazy. It really was a wake up call that I NEED to lose weight before it gets worse! I have set a goal ... since me and brendan are going away from my 25th birthday ... I want to feel good about myself and how I look ... soo I am starting a diet plan and working out everyday! I have also started an account with, which is a great website and I totally recommend it. I am really serious this time ... I really was not aware of how bad I looked. This has to change. I will admit the past week or so have been EXTREMELY stressful and I've kinda been like "oh f*ck it" kinda eating, which is not helping. I think you know its pretty bad when you don't even want to put jeans on anymore because they make you look 5 months pregnant...

I am still measuring the same so I am not going to take pics this week, but I will next week. I don't have a scale either but I am sure I am not under 150 .. could def be over though :/ I'll def invest in a scale soon

Well here I go, naptime is in a half, shower, laundry all before the kids wake up! Iam ready to for into jeans again :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Have we met?

Woo. It's been a while. I apologize. I don't know what's up but I've just had no urge to blog .. well I did ... but I was too lazy to do so. A lot has been going on in the mystical Pavich world.

Braeden got approved for his services! Which is awesome, awesome news! He's getting behavioral services, he's not autistic, doesn't have any speech or OT issues, it's just his behaviors, which is what we all suspected. Braeden's teachers were concerned that since he didn't have anything really serious that they would limit his services to only 2 hours .. which means he would only attend school for 2 hours, but thankfully the committee agreed that changing Braeden to 2 hours from his current 4 hours would not benefit him at all. He will also get bussing, which is awesome news also, they come right to the house pick him up and drop him off! The only "bad" thing about his services is that he will have to change classes. His current teacher has the maximum amount of IEP kids in her class so he need to be moved to another class, down the hall. But, he's already been meeting with that teacher and classmates and he seems to like them! I am very happy, I think that this will all really help him out and maybe next year he won't even need services!

I have also started DRIVING LESSONS [gasp]. I've done 2 lessons so far and it's  been going good! I am not as nervous or scared as I thought I would be! I drove on REAL roads, like busy roads, changed lanes, did rolling turns, all the junk and I did really good!! My instructor, Tony, is so so nice, he is actually the teacher for the driving instructors and usually does not deal with students, BUT he was the guy I talked to when I made my first appointment and I told him how I have 3 kids and don't drive and blah blah ... well come the day of my lessons the original driving instructor got sick and couldn't make it, so Tony came - he told me that he knew if the lessons got cancelled that I would never get my license ... which is pretty true lol I just signed up for 6 more lessons and for them to take me to my road test!! Super excited. I can not wait to take the kiddies out and not be stuck in the house all the time!! :)

I turn 25 a month from monday! 25! Brendan and I are TRYING to plan a trip to Universal Studios for the weekend of my birthday [ no kiddies ] - although it has come to my attention that is expensive as shit to go to anything related to Disney World. Hopefully we can find a deal that works for us soon ... cause we both REALLY need to get away and since I am not into the whole partying, clubs, drinking crap . ..going to Universal Studios and seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great way to spend my 25th birthday.. yea I might be a dork, but I am okay with that.

My irish boys! 

Alright, well I've updated! Since I don't want to quit ... I will continue my 30 day challenge from here on.... think I can do it? hahah

Day 17: A picture of something that has made a huge impact of your life lately

Driving Lessons
So, I used to be TERRIFIED of driving, or even the thought of driving! BUT, after my last lesson, I drove .. for a hour .. in real traffic and I was fine, everything was fine! It really made a huge impact on me and made me realize, I can do it, I can get my license and be more independent, I don't have to be so scared! I am very excited to get my license! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Been Awhile

Things have been a little crazy around here so I haven't really had to time, or urge to blog lately. I also haven't been working out. Boo. I worked out for about 7 days....and haven't since.

As I said in my last blog entry, Braeden has been going through some evaluations to see if he needs an IEP for some behavioral problems. They are finally all over, but not without tons of drama, of course. Little background information, we used to live in Huntington, so Braeden went to a Huntington Preschool. . . Well we moved to Commack ... and did not change his school or tell the district because it's a really great school for Braeden and we do not want him to leave it. Well, we needed to do some in home evaluations, so I had to give them our address, and of course one of the evaluators freaked out and started ranting about how I HAD to tell the district and bla bla bla. So I did, and I had to go immediately register him in Commack or the evaluations would be cancelled. Well now that he's registered in Commack, Huntington [of course] will not pay for him [he's in free preschool - paid for by the district] after February. Now if he gets an IEP he can still go to his preschool, no matter where he lives, since the majority of the school is for special needs children. BUT the district will not meet to discuss if he gets an IEP till the END of March and then even if he gets an IEP, the services do not start till APRIL. So we're kind of up in the air about what we're going to do for his school. The Commack's UPK is all filled up too . . . so the only real options are to pay for him to go to school [which is NOT cheap] or keep him home till the services start and basically do homeschooling. Both not good options. Braedens school has helped his behaviors SO much, he's literally like a different kid and I fear that if he is not in school [which he also LOVES to go to] that he will seriously regress. Drama Drama Drama. If only districts would think in what is best for the child and not what is "by the book". Hopefully it all works out and he can continue to go to school. I am really hoping he gets an IEP, I think it will help him so much, if the little things that the teacher has done helped him out so much, I can only imagine what getting actual services will do for him!

I've also been pretty consumed in school. Algebra is not my friend. Literally takes me two hours to do any of algebra work. I am just not good with numbers at all. The web design class is very cool though, right now it's just about html terms and stuff like that, but I think it's going to be a really good class for me.

Anyhow, that's why I have not been blogging, but things are starting to calm down and I am getting used to being in school again and hopefully I will be working out again. Honestly, just for working out for 7  days I did see a difference in my body. I just really need to commit to it. I've also decided to do this 30 day challenge blogger thingy, which will hopefully keep me blogging daily. So tomorrow I will be starting Day 1 :)

OOOh I also went back to blonde ... by myself! lol I used Clairol Born Blonde Maxi, it came okay, at first it was VERY orange in certain places, but it has seemed to cool down a bit, and it kind of a strawberry blonde now. I still have to buy another hair dye to put over it to tone it better, but I am giving my hair at least a week. Surprisingly, my hair is really shiny and soft too! I wouldn't recommend it though, I would much rather go to a salon and KNOW it's going to come out perfect. I did it because I knew that we wouldn't have the money for me to go to a salon anytime soon so I just did it, I figured if it looks horrible I could just dye it brown. Being as the Day 1 Challenge is a picture of yourself and 15 facts, I will take a picture of my new blonde hair tomorrow.

Well, since I finished my algebra this morning, I am going to go enjoy my OTH and Teen Mom 2! Till next time! :)

P.S. Who likes the new layout?? I needed something a little springy after all this horrible winter weather!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Alright, not going to lie.

I only worked out like twice since my last post. Booo.

But I did cut down on eating junk and drinking soda ... until yesterday. Boo again.

But now it's time.

I need to get back into shape, I need to get serious about it.

A good friend of mine and my husband, Billy Rom, (who is a personal trainer) sent me this great advice article that he wrote and I just have to share it because it's great advice for any mommy trying to lose weight.

Tips for Mommy Dieters

1) Nutrition is the most important aspect of ANY diet! It doesn’t have to be hard though, cut the snacks and mindless eating with the kids. Sometimes people eat without even knowing it – they go on auto pilot. So here is a tip: Take a picture of everything you eat. For bigger meals include your hand in the picture to get a portion reference. Doing this, forces you to think about what you are eating; and see if the portion is responsible.

2) You have to make time for exercise. Too many people just think – oh I will exercise, but never have a definite when. Make your exercise something that isn’t negotiable, it is planned. How can you do this when the kids are there? Involve them! Plan a “play time” with mommy that involves movement and fun with the kids. Here is another tip: Use your kids as weights! A small child may way 15 lbs, in playing with a child, lift them, pick them up, sit down and stand up with them. You don’t need a gym to get stronger – the tools are all around you (and in this case grew inside you!).

3) Make smaller goals. You may have a target weight, waist measurement, and diet you plan to follow, but looking at the final picture often seems insurmountable. Take your final goals and then work back and think of the small steps that are needed to take these big steps. This will make them little successes that promote good feelings. Start with cutting things out of your diet one at a time. Don’t drink soda for 3 days – check off a goal. Eat vegetables everyday for a week – check off a goal. These small goals will add up to a big change when they are all checked off.

4) Reward yourself but not with food! Too many people get on a diet and decide “Hey – I am going to do great for a week so that I can have that Chocolate Cake on Friday.” Now; food is becoming a reward system, and it no longer is seen for what it is, the stuff that keeps you alive! Instead of rewarding you with edible gifts – reward yourself with new things. Lose 5 lbs – get a new shirt, Lose 10 lbs – get a new pair of jeans. These goals give you rewards that you can see and use every day. Mentally – rewards that are more readily seen promote more consistent effort – unlike that cake that was gone in 2 minutes.

5) Take pictures and measure – disregard the scale. Due to water retention and menstrual cycles, women have various times where their weight can fluctuate significantly. This can cause you to fall off a diet when you weigh yourself. Additionally, when exercising you may gain muscle (which actually helps you burn more fat!) and see no weight reduction. Meanwhile you may have lost equal amounts of fat and caused a big visual difference. This progress will show up in your measurements first, your pictures second, and your scale last. Use them in that order.

These are a few tiny steps to help you get on your way to your goals. With anything in life effort is needed – nothing comes easy, but it can be simple. Hopefully you can follow these simple steps and get big results.

Bill Rom

So I think the way to really get me to work out is to show how I look now so I can follow up with pictures and show everyone that I can get back into shape. Also to share my weight [ugh]. Okay ::deep breath:: .... this is what I look like now . . .

ugh, not cute....I look 5 months pregnant. So there it is. Now I have to show everyone that I do not have to look like this, that I can be better. I can be healthy and happy with the way I look. 

I will follow up next week, after a full five days of working out. I will work out everyday. I will. I must. This is far too embarrassing.

In other news I have a bunch of recipes and other things to share but I have to get ready to bring brae to school [he's star of the week this week!] so I will post again tomorrow or later today!! Till then :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Things need to change.

This was me a few months before I became pregnant with Braeden.

I was 19 . . . 109lbs.

I didn't diet, exercise or anything and I certainly was not anorexic [as I've heard many people say about me]. This was just me, naturally. So it's hard for me to come to terms with how I am now. I have to lose a lot of weight. I am embarrassed with how I look now.

Yes, I have had three [large] children in four years.

Braeden 9lbs 5oz 22 inches

Jack 8lbs 4oz 21 inches

Logan 8lbs 10oz 21 inches
and yes I am much older now and it's expected that my body will have changed, but last night I stepped onto my grandmothers scale and was shocked at what I saw. I weight as much as I did at the end of my pregnancy with Braeden. I am not saying what that is, but it's a big number.

This needs to change. I don't want to be embarrassed with how I look at the age of 24, that's crazy. I know that I am still young enough that I can loose this weight pretty fast. I just need to do it. I am no where near obese or anything, but I am big, for me.

I am setting up a goal for myself, and I really think that I can reach it. I want to get down to 120 by my birthday [April 28th]. I think that is a reasonable weight for myself. I am 5'6" and I believe I have read that anywhere between 118 and 130 is a healthy weight for my height. I would love to be as skinny as I was when I was 19, but I don't think a weight of 109 would be healthy for me at this stage in my life.

So with this goal I have around 12 weeks to get down to 120. I really think I can do it, if I dedicate myself. I am going to try and eat better too. I will cut out all soda, because I know that stuff is horrible for you and I will have to work on my portion control.

I know it's not going to be easy, but I look at shows like Heavy and you see these morbidly obese people and they can loose so much weight, it just shows that I can do it too. I will take pictures of my progression, from start to finish. I will not post these pictures till I see results though.

Day 1 of my goal. I will do an hour of Yoga today. I have this great Yoga video that I did while in North Carolina and I did it everyday for an hour and started to see results pretty fast .... and then I got pregnant with Logan lol. I will be doing some Jillian Michaels workouts too, which I also did in North Carolina. So wish me luck. It's time to feel comfortable in my body again. Till next time :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan Joseph

Today at 4:22pm my baby boy will be one year old. In honor of his birthday I will share his birth story . . . it's nothing too graphic, so don't worry lol His birth was actual the easiest of all three of my kids. I woke up on the 17th with really bad cramps and pains and I thought they might be contractions but I wasn't totally sure. After about two hours of not being able to even stand up without being in pain, I knew it was time to go to the hospital. I told me my mom and we got ready to go. We got to the hospital around 10:30am and admitted immediately, the floor was completely empty, there were no mothers giving birth that day. They confirmed that I was having contractions and that I was 4cm. They proceeded to give me an enema, which was the worst thing of my entire life .. and they said it was "standard procedure" yet I had never had it done with my other two kids. There is no pain like having contractions and completely emptying your body at the same time, horrible. 

Once that was over with I believe I got an epidural because the pain was getting pretty bad. It was an awful epidural though because I still felt every contraction . .  but couldn't feel my legs. As i suffered through contraction after contraction Brendan was busy watching FOOTBALL. Yes. Wanted to kill him. The rest of the labor went pretty smoothly, really not much to write about, I kept feeling my contractions really badly and asked them to up my epidural but it never really made a difference. 

By 4:00 I 10cm and ready to push, (I turned off the football) and within 22 minutes he was out and a beautiful 8lb 10oz baby was born at 4:22pm. I remember shaking uncontrollably after having him for about a good hour or so and I think they gave me one last dose of the epidural or something because  I remember my legs  and butt being completely numb when I went up in my room. I was in no pain though,  it was a very simple and easy birth, the way it's supposed to be. 

Logan is the same way he was born, simple, easy and wonderful. He is the sweetest little boy I have ever known, don't get me wrong I love Braeden and Jackie and they are little sweethearts but there's something about Logan. He's an old soul or something, he's just so sweet and lovely, I can't get enough of him. He is the perfect edition to our family. I love my baby boy and so happy he's here and a big one year old, we are completely blessed. 

As most of you know we had his birthday party yesterday and it went so well. It was so nice to have a birthday party at home for the first time, not having to rent a place or anything, it was so relaxing and easy, I loved it. We blew up 100 ballons and put them on the floor for the kids to play with and they loved it. We all ate baked ziti [made by my mother in law] and ceasar salad along with some pizza for the kids [from Mozzarellas], everyone sat around and chatted and hung out, it was a really nice environment, very chill and fun. 

We then went onto the HUGE cake, we sung happy birthday to the little man . . . he was looking around like " .. going on??" lol We then cut him a huge piece to devour ... yet he just took little bites out of it and poked it lol We then moved onto the montage, which was so nice to watch on an actual TV instead of a projection screen where you can't really see it or here it. Everyone seemed to love it and I was so super proud of it. After that we all kind of just chilled and enjoyed Logan and watching the other kids play and we opened presents. 

It was a really nice time and I am so glad he had such a nice birthday party. I am so blessed that I have so many people in my life that love my children so much. 

Today we're not doing much, I am having my grandmother and mother over for dinner and some [more] cake, since we have SO much left over. I am making a huge pot of chicken and dumplings in the crockpot, I figure that will be soft enough for Logan to enjoy. I am hoping that Brendan can come home at a decent hour so he can spend some time with the birthday boy too. 
Alright well enough chit chat, time for pictures and the online premiere of A Year in The Life of Logan :)

The dining room and decorated

Baby Mickey Mouse Decor <3

One year of three brothers collage
12 Months of Logan Collage

Logan's one year pictures collage [my favorite decoration]

All the balloons for the kiddies
Logan's 1st year balloon [that he loved]

The birthday boy!!

Confused as to why all these bouncing things are around
Figured out that they are fun to play with

My little man

 Enjoying some yummy food

He thought this was hilarious to do lol

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out the candles

Going in!

Num Num Num

Must be good!

Making a mess, what he does best ;)


Balloon was bigger than him!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogging is better than cleaning.

I really should be cleaning my house since Logans party is on Sunday ... but I would much rather blog and eat pizza. I have however done three loads of laundry . . . that should count for something right? Been a while since I've blogged but, I've been consumed with finishing up Logans one year montage and I finally finished it up last night. I changed the entire opening last night too haha typical. I really love it though, I watched it on the "big screen" this morning and it looks fabulous. So excited to premiere at his party then post it on here for all my mommy friends who couldn't be at the party. I think his party will be lovely, not too many people coming, keeping it small. My mother in law is making a tray of baked ziti and I'll make a salad. There of course will be a huge cake too, and I figure I'll show the montage once cake is served. That way people wont notice that it's 30 minutes long!

I've also been cleaning massive amounts of snot out of my children's noses [and mouths] blegh. These are things they don't tell you when you have your kids, you will wipe their snot with your own hand or sleeve to prevent it from going into their mouths ... forget running to get a napkin or tissue because yes, they will just let that gooey loveliness slowly stream into their mouths and never even think anything of it. Disgusting. Logan and Jackie have been sick for the past week, coughing, sneezing, stuffy, cranky, not sleeping well. Thankfully, they are feeling better now and back to their wonderful selves. Just in time for the party too. Phew. 

I did however get a break from being mommy for a couple hours last Sunday! It was glorious, felt like I was in Disney World. I left the kids with Brendan to go to the Deer Park Outlets with my girls, we ate at Millers Ale House, then braved the FREEZING cold to go a store or two and then headed over to the movie theater to see Black Swan. I was told that it was a trippy movie, but I did not expect what happened in the movie, I really enjoyed it and I totally love Natalie Portman. It is so nice to get those breaks from being mommy, as I am sure all you mommies reading this know. I don't think people that don't have kids . . and even dads . . I don't think they understand how being a mommy is 24/7 job, there is no end, no break, you are always in mom mode. So, once you get to go out, and get out of your mom area, it is so refreshing and relaxing. I think it also may be a bit worse for me since I do not drive. But, it was a really nice time out with my girls and I hope that I can do more "girls nights" outside of my house!

We got hit with MORE snow on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning . . . and when I mean more snow, I mean a shit load more snow!

My god, I have never seen this much snow in a looooong time! It is literally up to Brendans knees . . Brendan is 6'1". Yea, crazy amounts of snow. I have yet to let the kids go out and play in it, I feel it would only end in disaster . . . I am sure Braeden would love it but it's just far too much snow for me to deal with. 

I've started to work out . . . well I am trying to. I did Yoga on monday and I have a whole work-out schedule set up, but the week before your sons 1st birthday is not the week to start working out, it's just been too busy trying to clean everything and get everything ready for the party. Once I reach my goal I will post my progression pictures, and only when I've reached my goal. I am so embarrassed at how I look now. I was looking at old pictures, from before my babies and I was so super skinny that I can not even believe how I look now. Horrible. I really want to get back to my "old" body and I  know I can do it because I am not THAT far away from it, I just have to dedicate myself to it. I should probably start to eat better . . I usually don't eat breakfast and if I have anything in the morning it's coffee and there are some days where I wont eat till dinner, and it's not on purpose, it just happens. Time for a change, my friends. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. 

Now time for some [probably unhealthy] recipes! Enjoy :)

This is a recipe I kind of just made up in my head. It tasted okay, there was something missing, it did not taste perfect but it was still pretty yummy. Whenever I get a chance to cook it again and improve it, I will post it again. Also, feel free to try it out and improve it and let me know if you figured out what's missing!

Till next time :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Cheddar Bay Biscuits 

Picture Source:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon of parsley flakes
  • 1 cup of cheese [I usually use mexican blend]
  • 2/3 cups of milk
  • 3 tbsp butter
Mix and set aside for brushing:
  • 3 tablesppons of melted butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon of parsley flakes
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder
Preheat oven to 475. 

Stir all except milk and butter, combine milk and butter in a different bowl, mix together and add to flour mixture. Stir with a fork until it forms a sticky dough. Place heaping tablespoons of dough onto parchment paper lined baking pan. Bake 10 - 12 minutes, until slightly golden on top.

While cooking, combine the melted butter, parsley flakes and garlic powder. Once biscuits are done, take them out and brush them with the buttery mixture, put back in oven for 2 minute to "set" it. Enjoy! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tater Tot Casserole

Tater Tot Casserole (last nights version):

  • lb. of ground beef
  • 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 1 packet of McCormick Brown Gravy
  • 3 cups of Tater Tots
  • 1 cup of Cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup of Mozzarella cheese
  • 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables
  • Water
Preheat over to 350. Brown ground beef. Drain. Place the beef back into the saucepan and add the cream of chicken soup and brown gravy, fill the empty can of cream of chicken with water and add to the mixture. Stir. Cook on high until bubbly. Put the beef mixture into a 12x8 shallow baking dish, add frozen vegetables. Add the cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and top with tater tots. Cook for about 30 minutes, until the tots are a golden brown. If you like the extra crispy (like most people do) turn on the broil setting and leave in for no longer that 5 minutes (since I have burned many things while underestimating the power of broil.)

These are the things I will always remember

That pretty much sums up the day, it snowed ..  a lot and it was beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen such big flakes. It was almost surreal being outside in them. Today was a really great day.

Brendan stayed home from work. 

We did some painting

We all ate the worlds largest cookie.

Took the kids outside [briefly]

and I took some awesome pictures, that I love.

I love the snow because that means my husband gets to stay home. Till next time :)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

"Snow Covered" Brownie Cookies

"Snow Covered" Brownie Cookies

  • 1 Pkg. Brownie Mix [ I used Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate]
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/4 C. Oil
  • 6 oz Pkg. Chocolate Chips [if your brownies don't already have chocolate chips in them]
  • Confectioners Sugar
Preheat over to 350. Grease cookies sheets. In large bowl combined brownie mix, eggs and oil. Stir until well mixed. Add chocolate chips. Dust counter with confectioners sugar and drop rounded teaspoons of cookie mix, coat well with confectioners sugar. [ it helps if you coat your hand with confectioners sugar to reduce the stickiness of the cookie mix] Place each on cookie sheet about 2 inches apart. Bake for about 10 minutes. Cookies will be soft so let them cool for a bit before removing them from cookie sheet. Sprinkle extra confectioners sugar on top while still hot if desired. 

This was also a random, very yummy recipe I made up. I was out of flour so I could not make chocolate chip cookies and then Brendan suggested I use brownie mix to make cookies. Great idea, these were so delicious, almost like Chocolate Crinkle Cookies but a lot less work!