Monday, December 13, 2010

No wonder an evil child-eating witch lives in a gingerbread house...

Cause that shit is evil. I bought one thinking "Oh, this will be such a nice christmas activity for me and the boys." well wasn't that nice for me think, when in fact it was the worst idea...ever. Braeden stayed home from school the other day because he wasn't feeling very well so I though "Hey, this would be a great time to do the gingerbread house" When in fact, there is no good time to do a gingerbread house, because they are pure evil. Not knowing this, I put the boys down for a nap (bribing them with making the gingerbread house when they wake up) and decided that I'll get the base of the house put together and leave the decorating for the boys. I open the box and the peaks of the "peaked walls" are broken off..both walls. Oh, but the box assures me "Don't worry if anything breaks while putting the house together just use the frosting to glue it back together." So, I take the box's advice and start mixing that wonderful pasty frosting, I "glue" the peaks back onto the walls ....which did not work and looked very sad....but I was still hopeful...I begin glueing the walls together, this wasn't too bad, went pretty well...then came time for the roof. That shit is ridiculous, you expect me to put these two huge, heavy boards on top of these tiny walls that are being held together by... frosting? But I was still hopeful, after about 20 minutes I got them on and looking like a roof, so okay, I did it, great. I let it dry for about an hour...

The kids wake up, full of excitement, eager to decorate. Now, the decorating was going great and I was actually really surpised how great it was looking! We frosted the roof, did the crisscross design, put the candies on it, I made the "icicles" coming of the edges of the roof, it was great. Then we started on the walls, everything was going great...till the windows.
We were putting the little dotted candies around the windows when the roof started to break in half! Just freaking crumble!! Really!? I tried glueing it back together but that shit was not going back together, the other side started to slide off and break in half too...then the walls start to fall apart!! The kids start freaking out and crying, I am trying my best stay calm and not smash this shit into a billion pieces. I am using that horrible frosting paste to fix everything but the gingerbread house is basically giving me a middle finger. Once I counted to 20 and realized that this was the gingerbread house from satan, I just told the kids, "Okay! Time to eat!" I then took pleasure in breaking every single piece of that satan house into tiny bits. Wasted 5 hours of my life. F that shit.
At least the kid enjoyed eating the shit out of it. 
Other than being traumatized by a stupid cookie house, It's been a great couple of days! On Saturday we finally went and got our Christmas tree! It was a bit of a challenge at Home Depot but after a bit and having to unwrap a few frozen trees, we found a really great tree! We also bought the boys their christmas stockings and a huge wreath for above our front door, which looks beautiful. Once we got home, Brendan set up the tree and headed to work and my sister came and took Braeden to my mothers church christmas play while I put the other boys down for naps, because we were seeing Santa when they got home! Once everyone was all rested up and they got home, I dressed them in their red matching glory and we headed out the mall! We ate first, always good to keep the kids tummies full, less chance of whining to occur.

Then it was time, Santa time! We were walking past santa to get on the rather long line, as soon as we passed Santa Jackies goes "Santa! Hi Santa!" and Santa waved to him, good start, good sign that things are going to be okay once we get up to him. We waiting for about a half hour I think, the kids were pretty good, I kept letting Logan walk around and the older boys were busy playing with Erin and Will. Once we started getting to the front of line, i started panicking a bit, wondering if the kids were going to freak out and scream and cry....but once we got up there, Jack ran straight up to Santa and gave him a huge hug screaming "Santa! Oh Santa!", probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. All the boys were so excited to see Santa, not one of them had a melt down! I was so shocked. They all sat on his lap and talked, smiled and took a great picture! Afterwards they kept talking to him, they just loved Santa! But...apparently...while I was approving their picture Santa started to talk to my sister and apparently told her that... he had a heart attack the previous day but was at the mall despite that ... because he loves children. Wow. Really Santa, you should probably be at home resting.... mall Santas are dedicated though. We then let them go play in the indoor play area for a bit then headed home. It was a really nice day with the boys and my sister and Will.

Sunday was Eddie's (Braeden's best friend) birthday party and Plaster Funcraft! It was really cute, the boys got to pick out any character they wanted to paint, Braeden
We then went into that back room where there was a little disco party going on, strobe lights and all, it was cute, all the kids were going nuts dancing and Logan enjoyed walking around staring at everyone, it was adorable. The party host wanted to make me rip my eyes out, my god, her voice was so high pitched and so loud, it was just ... no...just don't do that, I understand this is kids party, but kids have ears too. Other than her though, it was a great party, pizza was delish, how can pizza not be delish though...well, unless you don't live in New York, then your pizza sucks..sad but true. The cake was awesome and then they did a bunch of little activities with the kids. Really cute party and I'll probably do it for one of Logans party once he's old enough, since he's a winter birthday too.

We then got home and had a relaxing Sunday, Brendan watched football, I cooked some yummy meatloaf (which I told the kids was steak and they ate it all up) and then we decorated the tree with the kids! It was a little nerve racking but the kids loved it and did pretty good, they of course don't understand to not crowd the ornaments or anything like that, but I would secretly relocate those ornaments and they didn't even notice.
I am glad they are both so excited for Christmas this year, even though Jackie is only 2 1/2 I feel that he understands it more because of his older brother. I can't wait till their like 6 and 8, then Christmas will really be exciting...probably more expensive but it'll be so fun to really have them fully understand and enjoy everything! I can not wait for Brendan to decorate the outside of the house, this is our first time in our own house for christmas so we're both pretty excited about making it a beautiful christmas. We have the wreath up and candy canes lining the driveway but he still has to put up icicles and wrap the trees in lights, it's going to be beautiful. I really must start christmas shopping though...ugh christmas shopping...see, If i had a  lot of money, i would love christmas shopping, but the stress of not having a lot of money and wanting to buy really great things for people kinda makes it tedious. Hopefully, I can get it all done next week...last minute christmas shopping makes it even worse. We're not going to buy the boys too much stuff, we know they're getting stuff from the rest of the family so we're going to get them one big present and like 2-3 little presents each. They're still young enough so that we can give them just a few little things and they still think it's the greatest thing ever. Next year will be vastly different I think though...but I think our finances will be vastly different too.

6:00 time to start cooking some dinner for my gremlins, so till next time :)



Yea, gingerbread houses are waaay harder then they lead you to believe!

Love the Santa picture!

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