Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

Well It's Christmas season and I got some pretty awesome news, I am hosting Christmas this year for my WHOLE family!!! Wowza! I pretty excited for this challenge, pretty confident I can do it too! I am also pretty excited for everyone to see our house, I wish it were painted and a tad more finished but it's still a great house :) There should be about 18 people attending and I've already thought up my menu, now this is just a rough draft but so far I think it's going to be amazing and I can do it easily.

- Honey Glazed Ham
- Caesar Salad in a pastry shell
- Mashed Potatoes
- Glazed Carrots
- Green Bean Casserole
- Stuffing
- Eggnog
- Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Then of course some cheese and crackers, celery/carrots and dip platter and shrimp for hor d'oeuvres. My husband thinks I should also make some candied yams, but I feel thats just way too much potatoes going on. What do you think? Anything I should add? What are the staples of your christmas dinner? I love cooking and I am so pumped about this, I think it's going to great. I will of course blog all the recipes and pictures of my amazing Christmas cooking! So look out for that!

We've gotten most of our lights and we're getting a tree this weekend, which I am also super pumped about, this is our first christmas in our very own place! We have been on a non-stop Christmas movie binge, the kids love all the old classic Christmas movies and are currently glued to the TV watching Polar Express, which is a great movie and the animation is absolutely amazing. I love this season.

The boys also got video messages from Santa the other day, thanks to There were so excited to see their pictures and hear Santa say their names! Jackie must have watched his about 50x. Braeden's Message and Jackie's Message. I suggest everyone who has a child old enough to understand the message to do it, it's a great thing for the kids!

My next mission? (besides throwing an awesome Christmas) Christmas cards and Logan's 1 year invitations! I always use Shutterfly for my cards, they're quality is so much better than ordering from like CVS or something, which by the way, I once ordered from CVS and the picture was almost negative, horrible. Anyhow Shutterfly has some adorable Christmas cards that I  am totally in love with and I am so excited about their promotion for 50 Free Christmas Cards for Bloggers! I just entered and would be so excited if I actually got it!! I am thinking I'll use the family portrait as the card or if I can get all three boys to sit on Santa's lap, I'll use that. I feel there is a good possibility that all three will....Brae and Jack seem to LOVE Santa and get excited just seeing him on TV....and I think Logan will .. He's pretty calm and friendly. Plus I learned a great tip from the very first Santa I put Braeden on, Back the baby into Santa so he does not realize he's actually sitting with him. Awesome advice Mr. Santa. Smith haven Santa is where it's at.

I am super excited about taking Logan's 1 year pictures, I have some pretty awesome ideas that I think are going to come out amazing. I am going to try and take them by next week. Of course, it will be a cake smash shoot, but I have a great location to do it also! I am also trying to figure out a theme for his party... I was thinking either a baby dinosaur or baby giraffe theme...I am not doing a stupid boy sports theme because I have his whole life to do that! I can only do a baby theme once, when he doesn't care or realize it! Which do you think? I love the giraffe, SO cute!! Although I am super excited about Logan's 1 year birthday party and doing his pictures....that means he's going to be a ONE YEAR OLD! What!? Wasn't he just born?

I don't know why I forgot to put this in my previous blogs but Braeden had to go to the dentist last week, to fix an infected cavity and he did so so good! I am so proud of him! I really thought he would freak out and scream and not sit still. But from what I hear from my husband, he was so good, let the dentist do what he needed to do, never fussed or screamed! I am so so proud! I really think it's because of "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seuss, we've read that 10000x and at the end it says to never bite your dentist, think that stuck with him! Look at what a big boy he is! Super proud! We gotta take Jackie in too, I don't want him to get cavities like Braeden, now that we have a dental plan with this place there's no reason to not bring Jackie in. I think he'll do good too. I should also take them both to the eye doctor, they have never been to one and I wear glasses along with many other people in my family, so it's a good probability that they might need glasses too.

Tuesday night I had Mallory and DeAnna over [Willi was unfortunately sick] to watch Easy A and Glee...and eat massive amounts of pizza. Yum. The movie was a really cute movie, pretty funny too, fully enjoyed it, the pizza was awesome and as usual the time with my girls was great. Girls nights .. even if they are low key and in my house ... are essential for me not going crazy. Willi and I have been doing Tuesday night girls night for awhile now, so we can watch One Tree Hill, Glee and 16 and Pregnant together, quality television that is fully enjoyed by us.

Well hopefully my next blog will include Christmas lights and Christmas tree pictures along with some new recipes! I am making Chicken Francese tonight, so look out for that yummy recipe! As you can hear I've also added a music player, currently obsessed with this song, probably because it reminds me of a naked Jake Gyllenhaal....and it's a really good song. Enjoy. Till next time :)



I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job hosting Christmas. Your menu sounds so yummy. We usually do a Christmas brunch and then go really low-key for dinner. So no suggestions here :)

Thanks for sharing that Santa message link. I just did it for Tatum and she loved it! Oh yeah and I like the giraffe theme best.

Im obsessed with this song too! and your layout looks so cute!

hmm...i thought i commented on this already but it looks like I didn't save it correctly. I think I said something like "yay girls nights!" lol

As soon as I finish this dumb paper (and my head-cold goes away) we should plan another movie night :)

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