Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Windsday!

I haven't seen this much rain and wind since I lived in North Carolina! We even lost power for a bit and our downstairs neighbors glass door blew open and shattered everywhere!! Craziness. But, I do have to say that the sound of rain on the skylight is extremely relaxing. 

Anyhow, starting this blog has made me realize that I cook a lot more than I thought...because I have about three recipes to share with you. I'd also like to let everyone know that this is not an "eat healthy" blog, my recipes are not healthy ...and you should know that I am slightly addicted to cheese and breadcrumbs. So enjoy reading my unhealthy recipes haha

This morning I turned on my Pandora Christmas music playlist [with the relaxing sound of rain from the skylight] and made some yummy homemade pancakes! I haven't made them since we lived in North Carolina...and I have to say, they kick bisquick's butt. I got the recipe a while back... I believe it was from a blog too...I wish I could remember it so I could give credit but I have no idea. 

After breakfast we had someone from a christmas lighting company come by and estimate how much it would be for them to put up christmas lights for us ... I knew it was going to be very expensive, which it was, so we're not going to take their services but at least they did all the measuring for us. I am sure we can go to Costco get all the lights and decorations we need and it won't even cost us a fraction of what they were charging. 

After breakfast and a christmas movie, it was off to school for Braeden [before the weather got SUPER crazy.] So, I was sitting peacefully in the house, Jackie was watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Logan was sleeping and then I hear a quick, loud knock on my back sliding door....keep in mind there is storm happening I was like what the...I slowly go into the kitchen and then this huge man wearing all black ran across my deck! It was my freakin husband!!! The jerk apparently did not have to work today because of the weather and instead of calling me to tell me this, he decided he'd just sneak back home and give me a heart attack. He's going to get it, I am going to get him back! 

The rest of the day was spent watching the storm and sitting with no electricity. Logan was fascinated watching the trees blow, he would sit at the back sliding door and stare at the rain and trees. 
Then it was dinner time, the storm was over and I was not in the mood for cooking (gasp) So we decided to take the kids to McDonalds, our local McDonalds has a nice little indoor playground that the kids love. Brae and Jack ran around like crazy, I climbed through the tubes twice with Logan, which he loved. I would be crawling behind him and laugh in his ear and he would go hysterical and start crawling faster. He is so cute and so advanced for his age! To get into the tubes, you have to climb up three stairs and then into a big "bubble" tube and he did it all by himself!!  All in all it was a nice day.....until bed time. All the bedrooms lights are controlled by remote, which are supposed to stay on the wall. Well, Jackie thought it would be fun to play with the remote and then hide it. So, everything was going well, getting them into bed, kiss goodnight. Go over to the wall . . . no remote. I ask Jackie but he's two so he replies "mickey". . . So i search the WHOLE house, every room, under every dresser, bed, table, everything. I empty out their HUGE toy chest, I look through their closet. I can not find this thing. I spent about a half hour looking for it. I look in the VCR attached to their TV . . . and there it is. Nice. At least now they are quiet and sleeping. Aaah nothing but the sound of the bathroom fan. 

Last night was suppose to be a girls night, my girls were supposed to come over watch Glee and the movie Easy A, unfortunatly some were sick and others were too tired, so it was just Me, Willi, Starbucks and fried chicken. Yes. Fried chicken. We enjoyed our guilty pleasure, One Tree Hill, an amazing episode of Glee and 16 & Pregnant...we decided to save the movie for another time when all the girls could get together. It was a good night, I love getting together with my only close real-life mommy friend :) Oh, did I mention the fried chicken? It's super easy to make and delicious. 

Alllright, Now that I've sat and detoxed from the day by writing a blog, I must go do some schoolwork. Blah. I'll write again soon and include my recipe for Italian Pork Chops, Till then :)



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