Monday, December 6, 2010

Bathtime and Playdates

Bathtime. Something so simple and everyday, you don't really think about it. But I was watching my three boys take a bath together and I thought "I've only got a couple more years of this" soon Braeden will be old enough to take a shower by himself and then Jackie and then Logan and then no more silly bathtimes. Children grow up too fast. It is a good thing that I've taken numerous [embarrassing] bathtime pictures to look back on....and show their girlfriends. I really enjoy watching Logan take a bath without his baby seat anymore, of course I never leave the side of the bath tub since he's such a baby still, but he really holds his own. He'll just sit in there and look around, moving his tiny finger through the water, trying to grab a toy, observing his brothers...recently he has gotten bolder and will walk around the side or crawl to get a toy, which makes me nervous a bit, but the water is always low enough and my hand is usually right behind him...he's such a big boy for 10 months old though. I hope the next baby I have 5 years .. is a smaller baby, one that stays a baby for a long time . . . especially since it will more than likely be my last baby. That freaks me out to think about for some reason. Thinking about not having anymore babies, ever, freaks me out. Hence, why I will never get my tubes tied, seems way too final and permanent.

Anyhow, this week and weekend have been rather eventful. During the day on Friday we had our first play-date in the new house! We had a great play-date with Kristin and her two little boys Christopher and Tyler, who are around the same age as Jackie and Logan. Jack was so happy to have someone in the house to play with and I think Logan liked it too, I think he liked seeing someone who was almost the same size as him. Jack kept calling Christopher, Kristin for some reason and we could not get him to stop haha I guess they sound so similar he could not decipher between them. Unfortunately, Braeden had to go to school so he missed out on the play-date, but hopefully we'll have them over again soon and there can be FIVE little boys running around my house! My husband and Billy brought home some crumb pizza from Hummel and Hummel along with some other yummy cookies and I got my first takes of crumb pizza! I had no idea it existed and apparently I am the only one on Long Island, oops? I really enjoyed our first play-date in the new house, so nice to have the space to do so :) When they left Jackie and Logan took a late nap and I cleaned up.

Later that night, I had my grandmother over for dinner, which I love to do. She loves the boys so much and they go so excited to see her, I am so glad that my boys will know their great grandma, I feel that that is a rare thing. I made Italian Pork Chops, home-made mashed potatoes and mixed veggies and she always brings some kind of dessert for the boys too, cookies or cake, it's always a nice dinner. Once Logan was finished putting potatoes in his hair, Braeden had proudly finished his whole plate and Jack had dunked his last piece of pork chop into the mashed potatoes it was bath and bedtime. Then we watched What Would You Do and 20/20, love watching those shows, always so interesting. I am very into real life shows and documentary type things. I try and have her over for dinner at least once a week, she loves seeing the boys and I love having the company.

Saturday was pretty peaceful, besides Jackie being a little sick, he had a fever in the morning but seemed to go away by the late afternoon. Brendan only had one job so he stayed home most of the day and we  just relaxed. Then once Brendan left the boys went crazy! They started fighting and just going nuts, mostly because Jackie did not nap and when he doesn't nap, by like 5:00 he's really cranky, so he kept picking fights with Braeden and causing trouble. By 6:00 he was dead asleep on the couch...I let him sleep for an hour, while I made dinner then woke up him for dinner and then a quick bath and bed. Brendan came home soon after and we had dinner together and played Yahtzee while watching DVR episodes of Conan. We went to bed at like 1:00am I think, I passed out cause I was exhausted but Brendan woke up to go to the bathroom at like 3:00am, and the bathroom is right across the hall from Logans room, So my husband is sitting in the bathroom and notices that Logans light is going on and off in his room. He comes bursting into our room and is like "Babe! Get up, look at this!" and he brings me into Logans room and his dimmer is going from its brightest setting and dimming down to the lowest and turning off and cycling over and over again. It was so strange. The remote would not stop it or turn it off either. Of course we were rather freaked out, we ended up unscrewing the light bulbs and leaving his and our door open so we could hear if anything happened during the rest of the night. We called our landlord in the morning to tell him what happened and if he knew what was going on. Long story short, a couple weeks ago, the landlord had replaced the old remote in Logans room with a new one and told me to save the old one. So I put it into our junk drawer and forgot about it. Well turns out the thing has some serious range, it was being pressed by something in the junk drawer (that is all the way in the kitchen) and making Logan's light cycle ...  that is a GOOD distance, I can't believe that the remote works from inside a drawer and almost all the way across the house! I am thankful that is all it was though and it was nothing freaky or anything that needed to be fixed electrically. 

Sunday I escaped the drool factory and got to the Tanger outlets with Willi and Mallory, much needed break, even if it was for only a couple hours. I didn't shop just browsed around and watched them buy christmas gifts, it was torture haha I wanted to buy so many things but since we just paid our rent, utilities and went food shopping I knew I had to wait on the splurging. It was still nice just to be out and not breaking up fights and changing diapers, it was freezing though! I also learned that there is an ice rink around the Christmas tree in the center of the outlet! I really want to bring the boys back to ice skate....and a lot lol I then came home and the boys were still alive [phew] and cleaned up then it was time for football sunday to start! Bunch of guys and Tina came over, was very nice to have a girl here for once! Brendan make sausage and peppers [so yummy] and I made my first homemade chocolate chip cookies which came out pretty good! The boys love having company here, Braeden loves to be silly and show off and Jack makes everyone read to him and everyone always gushes over Logan, sweet boy. I ended the night doing school assignments, got them done pretty fast though, thankfully. 

Today nothing really happened, I did some major cleaning since the place was trashed after last night. So the whole day has been spent cleaning and doing laundry, woo. lol 

So I get about 60 hits an hour once I post a new blog ...but I have no comments and 6 followers, where is the love people?! I am feeling very unappreciated lol Ya'll need to show some love for my rambling and unhealthy recipes!! I'd also like to point out that it takes me about three hours to write a blog, yes, three hours, I have to stop about every five minutes to do something for the kids and then I get side tracked by playing with them or doing something else. 

Brendan just got him so I guess I should go and make something for dinner, I'll update again soon, Till then :) 

P.S. Who likes the new layout design?



Hey not no comments, I usually always leave a comment :) Sounds liek a lovely weekend and I can't believe it's so cold there. Although its "summer" here and this week it's rainy. Weird weather.

I LOVE your recipes Caytee! Keep em' coming! I also love reading the blog and keeping up with you and your fam. Great layout btw! Way cute! :)
PS- I actually didn't know I could comment since I don't have one of these ;) LOL

I am sorry Tash you're right, I shouldn't have said noo comments :)

Thanks Ashley! Yeah, anyone can comment!!

Love getting blog shout outs! whoo! haha

new layout is very pretty :) make sure to check your grammar and spelling though missy! (i can't help checking grammar lol)

see you tomorrow <3

hey you, ms. teacher, this is MY blog i watch my spelling and grammar in school, I canz talkz howz evaz i wantz tew!

omg you have no idea how much that sentence messes with my grammar OCD lol

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