Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Snow

Sorry it has been so long since I've update, things have just been pretty busy, ya know, planning a whole Christmas party ...  for my whole family... no big deal. I also don't have too much to write about, even though things have been busy, there's nothing really blog worthy.

We did have our first snow though! The kids were so excited to wake up to snow! I told them that it snowed and they both gasped and darted to the back door...tried to open it too. Even though it was freezing out, I agreed to take them out once they were done with breakfast. Since they're at the age where I can't lie to them anymore (dammit), I had to stick to my word. I put Logan down for his nap and got them all bundled up, there wasn't too much snow so I didn't have to worry about getting them fully snowed-armored up, ya know A Christmas Story style (Can't wait for THAT!) Braeden has always loved snow but Jackie ... Jackie HATED it last year, but this time they both seemed to fully enjoy it. After about a half hour we came inside and had some hot chocolate...which the boys think they like but they never seem to fully drink it. I think they just like it because it has the world "chocolate" in it. I also discovered how beautiful our pond is when it's frozen. I told the boys to never ever go near the pond even when it's frozen and Braeden says "Yes, we never go near the pond because if we fall in we turn blue and get icicles all over us" ... watching cartoons much? Love listening to the things that he comes up with, it's so cute.
Logan's first time in the snow should be very interesting too, I can see him liking it...I actually see him just face planting in the snow and eating it...the entire time.

So Christmas is next week! Yikes. That's a scary sentence; we haven't even begun Christmas shopping either! I think we're going to go on Monday or Tuesday night, it's hard working around Brendan's crazy work schedule. We've also decided that the boys will not be getting mounds of toys this year. We told everyone in the family to get them things they need, like snow pants and jackets [which my mother already did, early Christmas present!] and if they wanted to, get them only one toy. Their toy chest is just overfilled with toys and that's after I got rid of over half of their toys too! Spoiled little boys (or overly loved, however you want to look at it.) Of course we're not going to just let them unwrap socks on Christmas morning, we're getting Jackie a pair of spider-man shoes and Braeden some kind of train set. Then we're going to go to CVS or Family Dollar and get a bunch of really cheap toys that they'll love. I just don't see the point of spending $200 on toys that they really don't care about, they're still young enough that we can do this and they don't know the wiser, they still love the toys just as much. I also know that my mother in law got them a whole bunch of toys, probably Disney, she loves to spoil them at Christmas and always gets them the nicest Disney stuff! So at the end of the day, I know the boys will have a great Christmas without a huge price tag :)

Had a girls night on Friday, we all thought "Oh hey let's get together and watch Dinner for Schmucks, it will be hilarious, it's Steve Carell and Paul Rudd" right? No, it was so awkward and uncomfortable to watch, it was just too weird. There were some funny parts, but mostly it was just strange and way too long. Do not recommend. Other than that it was a good night, got some Wendy's and just talked for a little while. Mr. Logan refused to go to bed for a bit, I think he just wanted to flirt with the girls. He's so damn cute it's hard to be mad that he's awake though, you want to be like "just go to sleep" then you look at his sweet, always smiling face and you just can't help but want to hug him.

Today Brendan is (finally) putting on the lights on the house! I can not wait, it's going to be beautiful! I will be cooking the traditional Sunday sausage and peppers, yummm. Love Sundays, very relaxing... especially when it's all clean. Oh, yea, that reminds me ... learned a valuable lesson, don't slack on daily cleaning. This may only apply to me because I can't stand having my house messy, but yesterday morning I was like "Eh, I don't think I'll do my daily cleaning routine today, don't feel like it" I stuck with it for the most part, cleaned some of the kitchen. After dinner though, I could not take it anymore and I HAD to clean the house! Bad idea. I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, washed the kitchen floor, cleaned up the living room and swept the dinning room and living the house at 8:00 at night is not fun and not a good idea, I would much rather do it during the day. I will never abandon my daily cleaning routine, unless I am super sick. 

Alright, Since I do no have any schoolwork to do, I think I'll actually sit down and read a magazine! This is a big deal for me; I have two months worth of Cosmo magazines that I have not even opened yet. Yes. Super exciting. So till next time :)

P.S. Logan is 11 months old ... this makes me very sad. 

(How did I do Mallory, better? lol)



hahah MUCH better (grammar-wise), and still just as cute as always.
now if only Bren would finish those lights so we could go shopping!!

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