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Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Snow

Sorry it has been so long since I've update, things have just been pretty busy, ya know, planning a whole Christmas party ...  for my whole family... no big deal. I also don't have too much to write about, even though things have been busy, there's nothing really blog worthy.

We did have our first snow though! The kids were so excited to wake up to snow! I told them that it snowed and they both gasped and darted to the back door...tried to open it too. Even though it was freezing out, I agreed to take them out once they were done with breakfast. Since they're at the age where I can't lie to them anymore (dammit), I had to stick to my word. I put Logan down for his nap and got them all bundled up, there wasn't too much snow so I didn't have to worry about getting them fully snowed-armored up, ya know A Christmas Story style (Can't wait for THAT!) Braeden has always loved snow but Jackie ... Jackie HATED it last year, but this time they both seemed to fully enjoy it. After about a half hour we came inside and had some hot chocolate...which the boys think they like but they never seem to fully drink it. I think they just like it because it has the world "chocolate" in it. I also discovered how beautiful our pond is when it's frozen. I told the boys to never ever go near the pond even when it's frozen and Braeden says "Yes, we never go near the pond because if we fall in we turn blue and get icicles all over us" ... watching cartoons much? Love listening to the things that he comes up with, it's so cute.
Logan's first time in the snow should be very interesting too, I can see him liking it...I actually see him just face planting in the snow and eating it...the entire time.

So Christmas is next week! Yikes. That's a scary sentence; we haven't even begun Christmas shopping either! I think we're going to go on Monday or Tuesday night, it's hard working around Brendan's crazy work schedule. We've also decided that the boys will not be getting mounds of toys this year. We told everyone in the family to get them things they need, like snow pants and jackets [which my mother already did, early Christmas present!] and if they wanted to, get them only one toy. Their toy chest is just overfilled with toys and that's after I got rid of over half of their toys too! Spoiled little boys (or overly loved, however you want to look at it.) Of course we're not going to just let them unwrap socks on Christmas morning, we're getting Jackie a pair of spider-man shoes and Braeden some kind of train set. Then we're going to go to CVS or Family Dollar and get a bunch of really cheap toys that they'll love. I just don't see the point of spending $200 on toys that they really don't care about, they're still young enough that we can do this and they don't know the wiser, they still love the toys just as much. I also know that my mother in law got them a whole bunch of toys, probably Disney, she loves to spoil them at Christmas and always gets them the nicest Disney stuff! So at the end of the day, I know the boys will have a great Christmas without a huge price tag :)

Had a girls night on Friday, we all thought "Oh hey let's get together and watch Dinner for Schmucks, it will be hilarious, it's Steve Carell and Paul Rudd" right? No, it was so awkward and uncomfortable to watch, it was just too weird. There were some funny parts, but mostly it was just strange and way too long. Do not recommend. Other than that it was a good night, got some Wendy's and just talked for a little while. Mr. Logan refused to go to bed for a bit, I think he just wanted to flirt with the girls. He's so damn cute it's hard to be mad that he's awake though, you want to be like "just go to sleep" then you look at his sweet, always smiling face and you just can't help but want to hug him.

Today Brendan is (finally) putting on the lights on the house! I can not wait, it's going to be beautiful! I will be cooking the traditional Sunday sausage and peppers, yummm. Love Sundays, very relaxing... especially when it's all clean. Oh, yea, that reminds me ... learned a valuable lesson, don't slack on daily cleaning. This may only apply to me because I can't stand having my house messy, but yesterday morning I was like "Eh, I don't think I'll do my daily cleaning routine today, don't feel like it" I stuck with it for the most part, cleaned some of the kitchen. After dinner though, I could not take it anymore and I HAD to clean the house! Bad idea. I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, washed the kitchen floor, cleaned up the living room and swept the dinning room and living the house at 8:00 at night is not fun and not a good idea, I would much rather do it during the day. I will never abandon my daily cleaning routine, unless I am super sick. 

Alright, Since I do no have any schoolwork to do, I think I'll actually sit down and read a magazine! This is a big deal for me; I have two months worth of Cosmo magazines that I have not even opened yet. Yes. Super exciting. So till next time :)

P.S. Logan is 11 months old ... this makes me very sad. 

(How did I do Mallory, better? lol)

Monday, December 13, 2010

No wonder an evil child-eating witch lives in a gingerbread house...

Cause that shit is evil. I bought one thinking "Oh, this will be such a nice christmas activity for me and the boys." well wasn't that nice for me think, when in fact it was the worst idea...ever. Braeden stayed home from school the other day because he wasn't feeling very well so I though "Hey, this would be a great time to do the gingerbread house" When in fact, there is no good time to do a gingerbread house, because they are pure evil. Not knowing this, I put the boys down for a nap (bribing them with making the gingerbread house when they wake up) and decided that I'll get the base of the house put together and leave the decorating for the boys. I open the box and the peaks of the "peaked walls" are broken off..both walls. Oh, but the box assures me "Don't worry if anything breaks while putting the house together just use the frosting to glue it back together." So, I take the box's advice and start mixing that wonderful pasty frosting, I "glue" the peaks back onto the walls ....which did not work and looked very sad....but I was still hopeful...I begin glueing the walls together, this wasn't too bad, went pretty well...then came time for the roof. That shit is ridiculous, you expect me to put these two huge, heavy boards on top of these tiny walls that are being held together by... frosting? But I was still hopeful, after about 20 minutes I got them on and looking like a roof, so okay, I did it, great. I let it dry for about an hour...

The kids wake up, full of excitement, eager to decorate. Now, the decorating was going great and I was actually really surpised how great it was looking! We frosted the roof, did the crisscross design, put the candies on it, I made the "icicles" coming of the edges of the roof, it was great. Then we started on the walls, everything was going great...till the windows.
We were putting the little dotted candies around the windows when the roof started to break in half! Just freaking crumble!! Really!? I tried glueing it back together but that shit was not going back together, the other side started to slide off and break in half too...then the walls start to fall apart!! The kids start freaking out and crying, I am trying my best stay calm and not smash this shit into a billion pieces. I am using that horrible frosting paste to fix everything but the gingerbread house is basically giving me a middle finger. Once I counted to 20 and realized that this was the gingerbread house from satan, I just told the kids, "Okay! Time to eat!" I then took pleasure in breaking every single piece of that satan house into tiny bits. Wasted 5 hours of my life. F that shit.
At least the kid enjoyed eating the shit out of it. 
Other than being traumatized by a stupid cookie house, It's been a great couple of days! On Saturday we finally went and got our Christmas tree! It was a bit of a challenge at Home Depot but after a bit and having to unwrap a few frozen trees, we found a really great tree! We also bought the boys their christmas stockings and a huge wreath for above our front door, which looks beautiful. Once we got home, Brendan set up the tree and headed to work and my sister came and took Braeden to my mothers church christmas play while I put the other boys down for naps, because we were seeing Santa when they got home! Once everyone was all rested up and they got home, I dressed them in their red matching glory and we headed out the mall! We ate first, always good to keep the kids tummies full, less chance of whining to occur.

Then it was time, Santa time! We were walking past santa to get on the rather long line, as soon as we passed Santa Jackies goes "Santa! Hi Santa!" and Santa waved to him, good start, good sign that things are going to be okay once we get up to him. We waiting for about a half hour I think, the kids were pretty good, I kept letting Logan walk around and the older boys were busy playing with Erin and Will. Once we started getting to the front of line, i started panicking a bit, wondering if the kids were going to freak out and scream and cry....but once we got up there, Jack ran straight up to Santa and gave him a huge hug screaming "Santa! Oh Santa!", probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. All the boys were so excited to see Santa, not one of them had a melt down! I was so shocked. They all sat on his lap and talked, smiled and took a great picture! Afterwards they kept talking to him, they just loved Santa! But...apparently...while I was approving their picture Santa started to talk to my sister and apparently told her that... he had a heart attack the previous day but was at the mall despite that ... because he loves children. Wow. Really Santa, you should probably be at home resting.... mall Santas are dedicated though. We then let them go play in the indoor play area for a bit then headed home. It was a really nice day with the boys and my sister and Will.

Sunday was Eddie's (Braeden's best friend) birthday party and Plaster Funcraft! It was really cute, the boys got to pick out any character they wanted to paint, Braeden
We then went into that back room where there was a little disco party going on, strobe lights and all, it was cute, all the kids were going nuts dancing and Logan enjoyed walking around staring at everyone, it was adorable. The party host wanted to make me rip my eyes out, my god, her voice was so high pitched and so loud, it was just ... no...just don't do that, I understand this is kids party, but kids have ears too. Other than her though, it was a great party, pizza was delish, how can pizza not be delish though...well, unless you don't live in New York, then your pizza sucks..sad but true. The cake was awesome and then they did a bunch of little activities with the kids. Really cute party and I'll probably do it for one of Logans party once he's old enough, since he's a winter birthday too.

We then got home and had a relaxing Sunday, Brendan watched football, I cooked some yummy meatloaf (which I told the kids was steak and they ate it all up) and then we decorated the tree with the kids! It was a little nerve racking but the kids loved it and did pretty good, they of course don't understand to not crowd the ornaments or anything like that, but I would secretly relocate those ornaments and they didn't even notice.
I am glad they are both so excited for Christmas this year, even though Jackie is only 2 1/2 I feel that he understands it more because of his older brother. I can't wait till their like 6 and 8, then Christmas will really be exciting...probably more expensive but it'll be so fun to really have them fully understand and enjoy everything! I can not wait for Brendan to decorate the outside of the house, this is our first time in our own house for christmas so we're both pretty excited about making it a beautiful christmas. We have the wreath up and candy canes lining the driveway but he still has to put up icicles and wrap the trees in lights, it's going to be beautiful. I really must start christmas shopping though...ugh christmas shopping...see, If i had a  lot of money, i would love christmas shopping, but the stress of not having a lot of money and wanting to buy really great things for people kinda makes it tedious. Hopefully, I can get it all done next week...last minute christmas shopping makes it even worse. We're not going to buy the boys too much stuff, we know they're getting stuff from the rest of the family so we're going to get them one big present and like 2-3 little presents each. They're still young enough so that we can give them just a few little things and they still think it's the greatest thing ever. Next year will be vastly different I think though...but I think our finances will be vastly different too.

6:00 time to start cooking some dinner for my gremlins, so till next time :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ohhh yeaaahhhh

Wooo! Just reached 1,000 views. Nice! That is all.

It's Christmas Time!

Well It's Christmas season and I got some pretty awesome news, I am hosting Christmas this year for my WHOLE family!!! Wowza! I pretty excited for this challenge, pretty confident I can do it too! I am also pretty excited for everyone to see our house, I wish it were painted and a tad more finished but it's still a great house :) There should be about 18 people attending and I've already thought up my menu, now this is just a rough draft but so far I think it's going to be amazing and I can do it easily.

- Honey Glazed Ham
- Caesar Salad in a pastry shell
- Mashed Potatoes
- Glazed Carrots
- Green Bean Casserole
- Stuffing
- Eggnog
- Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Then of course some cheese and crackers, celery/carrots and dip platter and shrimp for hor d'oeuvres. My husband thinks I should also make some candied yams, but I feel thats just way too much potatoes going on. What do you think? Anything I should add? What are the staples of your christmas dinner? I love cooking and I am so pumped about this, I think it's going to great. I will of course blog all the recipes and pictures of my amazing Christmas cooking! So look out for that!

We've gotten most of our lights and we're getting a tree this weekend, which I am also super pumped about, this is our first christmas in our very own place! We have been on a non-stop Christmas movie binge, the kids love all the old classic Christmas movies and are currently glued to the TV watching Polar Express, which is a great movie and the animation is absolutely amazing. I love this season.

The boys also got video messages from Santa the other day, thanks to There were so excited to see their pictures and hear Santa say their names! Jackie must have watched his about 50x. Braeden's Message and Jackie's Message. I suggest everyone who has a child old enough to understand the message to do it, it's a great thing for the kids!

My next mission? (besides throwing an awesome Christmas) Christmas cards and Logan's 1 year invitations! I always use Shutterfly for my cards, they're quality is so much better than ordering from like CVS or something, which by the way, I once ordered from CVS and the picture was almost negative, horrible. Anyhow Shutterfly has some adorable Christmas cards that I  am totally in love with and I am so excited about their promotion for 50 Free Christmas Cards for Bloggers! I just entered and would be so excited if I actually got it!! I am thinking I'll use the family portrait as the card or if I can get all three boys to sit on Santa's lap, I'll use that. I feel there is a good possibility that all three will....Brae and Jack seem to LOVE Santa and get excited just seeing him on TV....and I think Logan will .. He's pretty calm and friendly. Plus I learned a great tip from the very first Santa I put Braeden on, Back the baby into Santa so he does not realize he's actually sitting with him. Awesome advice Mr. Santa. Smith haven Santa is where it's at.

I am super excited about taking Logan's 1 year pictures, I have some pretty awesome ideas that I think are going to come out amazing. I am going to try and take them by next week. Of course, it will be a cake smash shoot, but I have a great location to do it also! I am also trying to figure out a theme for his party... I was thinking either a baby dinosaur or baby giraffe theme...I am not doing a stupid boy sports theme because I have his whole life to do that! I can only do a baby theme once, when he doesn't care or realize it! Which do you think? I love the giraffe, SO cute!! Although I am super excited about Logan's 1 year birthday party and doing his pictures....that means he's going to be a ONE YEAR OLD! What!? Wasn't he just born?

I don't know why I forgot to put this in my previous blogs but Braeden had to go to the dentist last week, to fix an infected cavity and he did so so good! I am so proud of him! I really thought he would freak out and scream and not sit still. But from what I hear from my husband, he was so good, let the dentist do what he needed to do, never fussed or screamed! I am so so proud! I really think it's because of "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seuss, we've read that 10000x and at the end it says to never bite your dentist, think that stuck with him! Look at what a big boy he is! Super proud! We gotta take Jackie in too, I don't want him to get cavities like Braeden, now that we have a dental plan with this place there's no reason to not bring Jackie in. I think he'll do good too. I should also take them both to the eye doctor, they have never been to one and I wear glasses along with many other people in my family, so it's a good probability that they might need glasses too.

Tuesday night I had Mallory and DeAnna over [Willi was unfortunately sick] to watch Easy A and Glee...and eat massive amounts of pizza. Yum. The movie was a really cute movie, pretty funny too, fully enjoyed it, the pizza was awesome and as usual the time with my girls was great. Girls nights .. even if they are low key and in my house ... are essential for me not going crazy. Willi and I have been doing Tuesday night girls night for awhile now, so we can watch One Tree Hill, Glee and 16 and Pregnant together, quality television that is fully enjoyed by us.

Well hopefully my next blog will include Christmas lights and Christmas tree pictures along with some new recipes! I am making Chicken Francese tonight, so look out for that yummy recipe! As you can hear I've also added a music player, currently obsessed with this song, probably because it reminds me of a naked Jake Gyllenhaal....and it's a really good song. Enjoy. Till next time :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bathtime and Playdates

Bathtime. Something so simple and everyday, you don't really think about it. But I was watching my three boys take a bath together and I thought "I've only got a couple more years of this" soon Braeden will be old enough to take a shower by himself and then Jackie and then Logan and then no more silly bathtimes. Children grow up too fast. It is a good thing that I've taken numerous [embarrassing] bathtime pictures to look back on....and show their girlfriends. I really enjoy watching Logan take a bath without his baby seat anymore, of course I never leave the side of the bath tub since he's such a baby still, but he really holds his own. He'll just sit in there and look around, moving his tiny finger through the water, trying to grab a toy, observing his brothers...recently he has gotten bolder and will walk around the side or crawl to get a toy, which makes me nervous a bit, but the water is always low enough and my hand is usually right behind him...he's such a big boy for 10 months old though. I hope the next baby I have 5 years .. is a smaller baby, one that stays a baby for a long time . . . especially since it will more than likely be my last baby. That freaks me out to think about for some reason. Thinking about not having anymore babies, ever, freaks me out. Hence, why I will never get my tubes tied, seems way too final and permanent.

Anyhow, this week and weekend have been rather eventful. During the day on Friday we had our first play-date in the new house! We had a great play-date with Kristin and her two little boys Christopher and Tyler, who are around the same age as Jackie and Logan. Jack was so happy to have someone in the house to play with and I think Logan liked it too, I think he liked seeing someone who was almost the same size as him. Jack kept calling Christopher, Kristin for some reason and we could not get him to stop haha I guess they sound so similar he could not decipher between them. Unfortunately, Braeden had to go to school so he missed out on the play-date, but hopefully we'll have them over again soon and there can be FIVE little boys running around my house! My husband and Billy brought home some crumb pizza from Hummel and Hummel along with some other yummy cookies and I got my first takes of crumb pizza! I had no idea it existed and apparently I am the only one on Long Island, oops? I really enjoyed our first play-date in the new house, so nice to have the space to do so :) When they left Jackie and Logan took a late nap and I cleaned up.

Later that night, I had my grandmother over for dinner, which I love to do. She loves the boys so much and they go so excited to see her, I am so glad that my boys will know their great grandma, I feel that that is a rare thing. I made Italian Pork Chops, home-made mashed potatoes and mixed veggies and she always brings some kind of dessert for the boys too, cookies or cake, it's always a nice dinner. Once Logan was finished putting potatoes in his hair, Braeden had proudly finished his whole plate and Jack had dunked his last piece of pork chop into the mashed potatoes it was bath and bedtime. Then we watched What Would You Do and 20/20, love watching those shows, always so interesting. I am very into real life shows and documentary type things. I try and have her over for dinner at least once a week, she loves seeing the boys and I love having the company.

Saturday was pretty peaceful, besides Jackie being a little sick, he had a fever in the morning but seemed to go away by the late afternoon. Brendan only had one job so he stayed home most of the day and we  just relaxed. Then once Brendan left the boys went crazy! They started fighting and just going nuts, mostly because Jackie did not nap and when he doesn't nap, by like 5:00 he's really cranky, so he kept picking fights with Braeden and causing trouble. By 6:00 he was dead asleep on the couch...I let him sleep for an hour, while I made dinner then woke up him for dinner and then a quick bath and bed. Brendan came home soon after and we had dinner together and played Yahtzee while watching DVR episodes of Conan. We went to bed at like 1:00am I think, I passed out cause I was exhausted but Brendan woke up to go to the bathroom at like 3:00am, and the bathroom is right across the hall from Logans room, So my husband is sitting in the bathroom and notices that Logans light is going on and off in his room. He comes bursting into our room and is like "Babe! Get up, look at this!" and he brings me into Logans room and his dimmer is going from its brightest setting and dimming down to the lowest and turning off and cycling over and over again. It was so strange. The remote would not stop it or turn it off either. Of course we were rather freaked out, we ended up unscrewing the light bulbs and leaving his and our door open so we could hear if anything happened during the rest of the night. We called our landlord in the morning to tell him what happened and if he knew what was going on. Long story short, a couple weeks ago, the landlord had replaced the old remote in Logans room with a new one and told me to save the old one. So I put it into our junk drawer and forgot about it. Well turns out the thing has some serious range, it was being pressed by something in the junk drawer (that is all the way in the kitchen) and making Logan's light cycle ...  that is a GOOD distance, I can't believe that the remote works from inside a drawer and almost all the way across the house! I am thankful that is all it was though and it was nothing freaky or anything that needed to be fixed electrically. 

Sunday I escaped the drool factory and got to the Tanger outlets with Willi and Mallory, much needed break, even if it was for only a couple hours. I didn't shop just browsed around and watched them buy christmas gifts, it was torture haha I wanted to buy so many things but since we just paid our rent, utilities and went food shopping I knew I had to wait on the splurging. It was still nice just to be out and not breaking up fights and changing diapers, it was freezing though! I also learned that there is an ice rink around the Christmas tree in the center of the outlet! I really want to bring the boys back to ice skate....and a lot lol I then came home and the boys were still alive [phew] and cleaned up then it was time for football sunday to start! Bunch of guys and Tina came over, was very nice to have a girl here for once! Brendan make sausage and peppers [so yummy] and I made my first homemade chocolate chip cookies which came out pretty good! The boys love having company here, Braeden loves to be silly and show off and Jack makes everyone read to him and everyone always gushes over Logan, sweet boy. I ended the night doing school assignments, got them done pretty fast though, thankfully. 

Today nothing really happened, I did some major cleaning since the place was trashed after last night. So the whole day has been spent cleaning and doing laundry, woo. lol 

So I get about 60 hits an hour once I post a new blog ...but I have no comments and 6 followers, where is the love people?! I am feeling very unappreciated lol Ya'll need to show some love for my rambling and unhealthy recipes!! I'd also like to point out that it takes me about three hours to write a blog, yes, three hours, I have to stop about every five minutes to do something for the kids and then I get side tracked by playing with them or doing something else. 

Brendan just got him so I guess I should go and make something for dinner, I'll update again soon, Till then :) 

P.S. Who likes the new layout design?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Windsday!

I haven't seen this much rain and wind since I lived in North Carolina! We even lost power for a bit and our downstairs neighbors glass door blew open and shattered everywhere!! Craziness. But, I do have to say that the sound of rain on the skylight is extremely relaxing. 

Anyhow, starting this blog has made me realize that I cook a lot more than I thought...because I have about three recipes to share with you. I'd also like to let everyone know that this is not an "eat healthy" blog, my recipes are not healthy ...and you should know that I am slightly addicted to cheese and breadcrumbs. So enjoy reading my unhealthy recipes haha

This morning I turned on my Pandora Christmas music playlist [with the relaxing sound of rain from the skylight] and made some yummy homemade pancakes! I haven't made them since we lived in North Carolina...and I have to say, they kick bisquick's butt. I got the recipe a while back... I believe it was from a blog too...I wish I could remember it so I could give credit but I have no idea. 

After breakfast we had someone from a christmas lighting company come by and estimate how much it would be for them to put up christmas lights for us ... I knew it was going to be very expensive, which it was, so we're not going to take their services but at least they did all the measuring for us. I am sure we can go to Costco get all the lights and decorations we need and it won't even cost us a fraction of what they were charging. 

After breakfast and a christmas movie, it was off to school for Braeden [before the weather got SUPER crazy.] So, I was sitting peacefully in the house, Jackie was watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Logan was sleeping and then I hear a quick, loud knock on my back sliding door....keep in mind there is storm happening I was like what the...I slowly go into the kitchen and then this huge man wearing all black ran across my deck! It was my freakin husband!!! The jerk apparently did not have to work today because of the weather and instead of calling me to tell me this, he decided he'd just sneak back home and give me a heart attack. He's going to get it, I am going to get him back! 

The rest of the day was spent watching the storm and sitting with no electricity. Logan was fascinated watching the trees blow, he would sit at the back sliding door and stare at the rain and trees. 
Then it was dinner time, the storm was over and I was not in the mood for cooking (gasp) So we decided to take the kids to McDonalds, our local McDonalds has a nice little indoor playground that the kids love. Brae and Jack ran around like crazy, I climbed through the tubes twice with Logan, which he loved. I would be crawling behind him and laugh in his ear and he would go hysterical and start crawling faster. He is so cute and so advanced for his age! To get into the tubes, you have to climb up three stairs and then into a big "bubble" tube and he did it all by himself!!  All in all it was a nice day.....until bed time. All the bedrooms lights are controlled by remote, which are supposed to stay on the wall. Well, Jackie thought it would be fun to play with the remote and then hide it. So, everything was going well, getting them into bed, kiss goodnight. Go over to the wall . . . no remote. I ask Jackie but he's two so he replies "mickey". . . So i search the WHOLE house, every room, under every dresser, bed, table, everything. I empty out their HUGE toy chest, I look through their closet. I can not find this thing. I spent about a half hour looking for it. I look in the VCR attached to their TV . . . and there it is. Nice. At least now they are quiet and sleeping. Aaah nothing but the sound of the bathroom fan. 

Last night was suppose to be a girls night, my girls were supposed to come over watch Glee and the movie Easy A, unfortunatly some were sick and others were too tired, so it was just Me, Willi, Starbucks and fried chicken. Yes. Fried chicken. We enjoyed our guilty pleasure, One Tree Hill, an amazing episode of Glee and 16 & Pregnant...we decided to save the movie for another time when all the girls could get together. It was a good night, I love getting together with my only close real-life mommy friend :) Oh, did I mention the fried chicken? It's super easy to make and delicious. 

Alllright, Now that I've sat and detoxed from the day by writing a blog, I must go do some schoolwork. Blah. I'll write again soon and include my recipe for Italian Pork Chops, Till then :)