Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes, the peacefulness of nap-time, the house is clean, Jack and Logan are sleeping and Braeden is at school. What better time to write my first blog? I used to write small blogs here and there when Myspace was still "the thing" but since Facebook, I really haven't done any blogging at all. So what do I write about? I suppose I should just write about what has been going on, daily thoughts, struggles, funny moments, little things.

Yesterday was Sunday, Football day, many of you know that my husband lives for football and that Sunday is the only day my hard working husband has off so naturally, I love Sundays. The past couple Sundays however have been quite chaotic with the move and what not, but yesterday it started to feel a little bit more like our regular Sundays. Brendan let me sleep in a bit...till 9:30...but I forgive him for waking me up since he went and got the Sunday bagel and donuts (a tradition on my side of the family that I would like to pass on to my children.) and of course my 711 coffee (that I may be slightly addicted to.) We had a nice breakfast together, rearranged our living room to accommodate the new furniture given to us by my mother in law. Unfortunately, then Brendan had to go to his fathers and then to his mothers to pick up more furniture.

By then it was pretty much nap time and I actually got Braeden to nap too (gasp) and naturally, the house was a mess so me and Logan cleaned the house..and by Logan I mean he followed me around chewing on my leg. I also tried watching Eat Pray Love, but sadly, like I had been warned by many people, the movie wasn't very good and I lost interest in it pretty quickly...I am however still interested in reading the book.....if I could ever sit down with a book without getting pounced on or the pages being ripped out.

Brendan finally got home around 6:00...or around there...Billy joined soon after and I made Tater Tot Casserole, so freakin' delicious. How do you make this delicious Tater Tot Casserole you ask? Well, I've made it many different ways: With BBQ sauce, with taco seasoning, with the traditional cream of chicken soup...but last night I used Cream of chicken soup and a McCormick Brown Gravy packet, sounds gross doesn't it? But it was amazing...not any means...but amazing.

Tater Tot Casserole (last nights version):

  • lb. of ground beef
  • 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 1 packet of McCormick Brown Gravy
  • 3 cups of Tater Tots
  • 1 cup of Cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup of Mozzarella cheese
  • 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables
  • Water
Preheat over to 350. Brown ground beef. Drain. Place the beef back into the saucepan and add the cream of chicken soup and brown gravy, fill the empty can of cream of chicken with water and add to the mixture. Stir. Cook on high until bubbly. Put the beef mixture into a 12x8 shallow baking dish, add frozen vegetables. Add the cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and top with tater tots. Cook for about 30 minutes, until the tots are a golden brown. If you like the extra crispy (like most people do) turn on the broil setting and leave in for no longer that 5 minutes (since I have burned many things while underestimating the power of broil.)

Of course Brendan and Billy loved it, but the best was when Logan dominated a (very mashed) portion of it. Yea, at 10 months old, with 3 teeth, this kid LOVES to eat our food, I can hardly feed him baby food anymore because he wants to do it 10 months old! The older boys enjoyed chicken nuggets ... I was in no mood to enforce the "you eat what I make" rule last night. 

Then we had a very nice night playing with the kids, reading them book, watching football, Jackie smacked Billy in the face with a water gun (awesome), and we ate huge bowls of Blue Bunny Double Strawberry Ice cream (which is the BEST strawberry ice cream, ever, no lie)... it was a great family night. 

Then it came time for bath and betime which then led to ... my two school assignments. Lucky for me they were very easy and I was done with the pretty quick ... except Braeden .. who is the master at staying up past his bedtime .. kept coming out and thinking of every excuse ... but once I got him into bed, I was able to finish my assignments and then me and the hubs headed to bed. 

As for today, nothing has really happened, it has been pretty peaceful. So, I think that's it for my first blog entry. I am sure I'll have more to say tomorrow. Till then :)



Love that you have started a blog. From one mum of boys to another, it will be fun getting ideas and thoughts from you.

Mmm. Your version of Tator TOT Casserole sounds really good, I'll have to give it a try. Logan looks so adorable eating his!

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